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Godzilla is the titular anti-heroic protagonist of the 1999 daikaiju film Godzilla 2000.


Godzilla is a force of literal nature to Japan. The Godzilla Prediction Network (GPN) works independently to study the mutant dinosaur and predict its landfalls. Meanwhile, scientists at the Crisis Control Institute (JRC) find a 65 million-year-old structure deep in the Japan Trench. As CCI tries to raise the object to study its internal energy source, it takes off in the sky on its own. Godzilla arrives and battles of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan, now equipped with powerful Full Metal Missiles, but the strange UFO appears, looking for some kind of genetic information that only Godzilla apparently possesses. Fight Godzilla to a standstill, driving the monster underwater, and then lands to replenish its solar energy.

Yuji Shinoda, founder of the GPN, discovers the secret of the regenerative properties of Godzilla (called Regenerator G1), but so has the UFO. He is released from JSDF's attempts to contain him, and goes to Shinjuku. After landing on the top of the City Tower, it begins to drain all the files on Godzilla from Tokyo's master computers. ITC tries to destroy the UFO using explosive charges, but Shinoda, trying to find out more about foreigners, is almost caught in the explosion. He survives, and joins the rest of the cast on a rooftop, watching the UFO. Almost in response, the ship spreads its message of the invasion and a new empire on earth, and Shinoda reveals that foreigners go after Godzilla's DNA so they can reshape their bodies. The UFO continues to wreak havoc, after Shinoda and Miyasaka discover that Godzilla's skin cells are very remarkable, with a DNA called "Regenator / Organizer G1" in Katagiri's laboratory. The UFO then tries to drain all Tokyo computer data to find information about Godzilla. Katagiri orders the JSDF to use oven cannons to destroy the UFO. Shinoda and his wife are almost destroyed in the building the UFO on top of computer data drainage, but fortunately they survive. However, the UFO is alive, and someone says that Godzilla entered the bay.

Godzilla arrives and again fights with the ship. However, it is subjected to the assault of the ship, and absorbs its DNA, creating an octopus body called Milleniam. However, the alien is not able to control the DNA and other Godzilla muta in a terrible alien monster called Orga. Godzilla recovers and fights the monstrous creature, but Orga finally wins the game, and drains more of Godzilla's DNA, trying to become a clone of Godzilla. Finally, Orga opens his jaws, intending to swallow Godzilla together, but tricks Godzilla foreigner pushing his head in his throat willingly. As Orga begins to transform, Godzilla destroys by unleashing its nuclear pulse inside Orga's throat. Godzilla then becomes the CCI secretary, Mitsuo Katagiri and kills him. Godzilla begins in droves in Tokyo, reminding them not to get in their way and that he has to defend Tokyo.



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