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Godzilla as he appears in the Marvel comics

Godzilla (in Japanese: ゴジラ, Gojira) is an anti-heroic monster based on the original Godzilla that appeared in a series of comic books co-created by Marvel and Toho from August 1977 to July 1979.



Years later, Doctor Demonicus had managed to subdue his once "greatest enemy" and mutated the radioactive leviathan into a more amphibious form, in the process of which the creature also lost the ability to use its trademark breath weapon. Now a mere shadow of his former self, Godzilla was bent to the will of the twisted doctor, who used the beast as a watchdog for his lair in the Pacific Ocean, destroying intruders who venture too close to his fortress.

On one such occasion, the creature attacked an Avengers Quinjet, piloted by the feline superheroine Tigra, that was flying in the area, forcing the craft to make an immediate landing on a nearby island. Demonicus, furious that Godzilla failed to eliminate the intruder, ordered the monster to finish its work. The beast obeyed, traveling to the island and smashing what was left of the craft. Demonicus later visited the island to survey the wreckage, only to discover that the pilot had escaped before Godzilla was able to destroy the jet. Demonicus then ordered Godzilla to destroy the nearby village, in order to fish out the escaped intruder. Godzilla made a path toward the village, but was attacked by Tigra, now sensing the creature's new motive. Tigra fought fiercely against the beast, but was no match for Godzilla, who carelessly slapped away its attacker. Godzilla descended on the small village, but Tigra was persistent, managing to divert the creature's attention long enough for the monster to reach out and grasp her in his hands. The amphibious leviathan moved the small, tiger-like hero up to his eye in order to fully witness his prey struggling, before he was attacked by Hawkeye, Iron Man and Mockingbird, who arrived in another Quinjet. Hawkeye let loose with an arrow at the monster, but the attack proved futile. Godzilla roared at his new attackers, giving Hawkeye an opportunity to fire an explosive arrow directly into the beast's mouth. Godzilla flinched, as the arrow detonated in his throat, and released Tigra from his grasp. Hawkeye then let loose with his entire quiver of arrows against the beast, but his attempt was for not. Godzilla quickly descended upon the archer, until Iron Man intervened and attacked the monster. His attacks proved ineffective, however, as Godzilla's thick hide withstood his attacker's blows. Iron Man, out of options, proceeded to lift the leviathan over his head and took the monster out to sea. The monster proved too heavy for Iron Man, though, as both dropped into the sea like a rock. Godzilla sunk to the depths below, as Iron Man quickly removed his armor and swam to the surface for air.

Later, Godzilla returned to his controller's lair, bearing Iron Man's armor in his jaws as a gift for his master before Demonicus would retire the monster back to its confinement. Demonicus saw his opportunity to attack Iron Man head on, donning the hero's own armor as he flew off to confront the iconic hero. Demonicus' attempt failed, however, and the mad scientist was later taken into custody as a result. Months passed, and Godzilla managed to escape from his former controller's lair out into the open sea. The creature stayed in the Pacific Ocean, and ended up wandering onto an open set of "Devil Dinosaur: The Movie." Godzilla moved in as a robotic Devil Dinosaur approached him. The robot, much to Godzilla's surprise, attacked him, an apparent betrayal by his one-time ally. Godzilla fought back, sinking his teeth into the back of the robotic Devil Dinosaur, quickly destroying the machine. Confused by this revelation, Godzilla quickly wandered back into the sea and fled the area. Since then the monster has resurfaced a few times and has seemingly reverted back to its previous form. Godzilla was most recently seen among the army of monsters Mole Man sent to attack New York.


The Marvel Godzilla is an aggressive creature who often attacks anything in his path. According to Yuriko Takiguchi, Godzilla's behavior is unpredictable, making him particularly dangerous. Takiguchi's assistant Tamara Hashioka compares Godzilla to an elemental force, claiming he has his own dignity and cannot be judged as evil. His aggressiveness frequently puts him into conflict with other, more malevolent monsters, painting him as the lesser of two evils as he unintentionally defends mankind from his monstrous foes. This Godzilla's portrayal as a violent force of nature is somewhat in line with the character's portrayal in the early films of the Showa era, and predates his similar portrayal in the Heisei series of films.

Powers and Abilities

Godzilla is able to breathe a radioactive flame of intense heat. He is also immensely strong and possesses a remarkable resilience to injury and a very quick acting healing factor. The mutant dinosaur is also fully amphibious, able to operate underwater as easily as he can on land. His hands are fully usable, enabling him to grab objects and employ them as crude weapons, or even snatch planes from the sky. The monster's long tail can also be employed as a powerful, bludgeoning whip. The monster also goes into a violent frenzy when harmed, overpowering his adversaries with a sudden and surprising burst of berserk strength when on the very verge of defeat.

Godzilla in modern comics

  • Later on in Marvel's career, Godzilla was seen as one of the Mole Man's monsters during their assault on New York. However, he was not in his mutated form, suggesting it was not actually Godzilla Demonicus mutated.
  • Godzilla is the first Marvel monster to jump off the Empire State Building.


  • His height is supposed to be based on the Godzilla of the Showa era, but in some issues, Godzilla is seen towering over the Golden Gate Bridge, high at its highest point.
    • Popular estimates for the Marvel Godzilla’s height are 150 meters and 184 meters.
  • The Marvel Godzilla has been used to represent Godzilla in the Godzilla trademark icon since 1977, with the printing of the first Godzilla issue, for the most part. The older trademark icon has been used as late as 1984 in media, an example being the box for Godzilla vs. 3 Major Monsters.
  • The Marvel Godzilla is the first incarnation of Godzilla to originate in American media.