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I know your kind. You think you can just waltz in and take our planet. But you forgot one thing; I'm my father's son!
~ Gohan to Bojack
Fight you? No, I wanna kill you!
~ Gohan to Super Buu after finding out the latter killed most of his allies and then being asked for a fight

Son Gohan is a hero of the Dragon Ball franchise. He is the eldest son of Son Goku and Chi-Chi, and he appears for the first time at the start of Dragonball Z. He is considered the deuteragonist of Dragon Ball Z, while Goku is the main protagonist and Vegeta is the tritagonist. He is a supporting character of its sequel Dragon Ball Super (as his role of deuteragonist is passed on to Vegeta). In the FUNimation dub, he is voiced by Kyle Hebert as a teenager and as an adult and Stephanie Nadolny as a child while Colleen Clinkenbeard voices Young Gohan in early Dragon Ball Z Kai and Hebert reprised his role in later Dragon Ball Z Kai and in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and in Resurrection of F, while Masako Nozawa voices him as an adult, teen and kid in the original Japanese version.


While he is part Saiyan, Gohan in the beginning was shy and lacked the Saiyan battle spirit. It was during the time when he saw his father cornered by Raditz that he first unleashed his dormant power, showing that he only uses his strength to protect his loved ones. As time passed, Gohan grew to harness his abilities and turns out to be a very courageous warrior, assisting the Dragon Team in their fight against any threat.

Like Goku, he has a kind and gentle heart (as he can ride the Flying Nimbus without much difficulty). Gohan has a voracious appetite like other Saiyans. He is also generous, such as teaching Goten and Videl how to fly.

Gohan gets along well with others, such as forming a uncle/nephew relationship with Krillin, and developing a close bond with his mentor Piccolo. After marrying Videl and having a daughter, Gohan has proven to be a loving husband and father.

Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Z Kai

Early Life

Gohan was born about a year after Goku and Chi-Chi married following the conclusion of the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament where his father defeated Piccolo and was named strongest in the world. As a newborn, he went on for a time without a name until Goku Grandfather's name was mentioned, which Gohan liked, as opposed to the name his mother chose (Einstein). His early childhood was a pampered one, unlike his father's. His life was relatively well-balanced with a loving family and a nice home. Gohan was well-adjusted and intelligent, but unlike his father as a child, he lacked any affection for fighting and was easily scared at a level that most normal children would be. Goku gave Gohan the four star Dragon Ball and put it into a hat for him to honor his grandpa. One day, Goku and Chi-Chi were walking through a meadow with Gohan in a stroller, but while admiring the scenery Goku accidentally released the stroller, causing them to chase after the runaway Gohan. After hitting a bump Gohan was sent flying out of the stroller towards a tree, but his latent powers' briefly awakened and plowed a hole through the trunk, amazing Goku at the hidden power of his son.

Saiyan Saga

Son Gohan, first appearance.

When he was 4 years old Gohan goes with his father to attend a 5 year reunion with Goku's old friends on Master Roshi's Island, and he decides to take Son Gohan along with him. During the visit, Goku introduces Gohan to his friends as his son. Roshi, Krillin and Burma all become briefly gripped with panic as they realize that Gohan has grown a tail like the one Goku had when he was a child, the same tail that caused Goku to turn into a giant ape and inadvertently kill his adoptive grandfather, Son Gohan, Sr. While the gang are still working out how to gracefully warn Goku about the issue. the visit is cut short when an alien named Raditz arrives. The extraterrestrial announces that he has recently arrived on the planet to track down his younger brother Kakarot and complete the job he was sent to Earth for, namely conquest of it. After using a device called a scouter, Raditz determined that Goku was his younger brother Kakarot from possessing the strongest power level on Earth. 

Goku was made aware that he was a member of an alien race called Saiyans, who were such fierce warriors even their babies were dispatched to some low threat planets to conquer them, such as was done with Kakarot/Goku. Raditz was appalled though that Goku had lost his tail saying he had mutilated himself and that their tails allowed Saiyans to transform into giant apes once exposed to the light of full moons. Goku failed to understand this part and Raditz was not willing to humor Goku and elaboratw and insisted he join him to wipe out the human race so they could claim the planet and that doing so would allow him to regain his honor. Goku refused Raditz's offer, unwavering in his resolve that Earth was his true home, no matter where he was born. Enraged, Raditz imminently overpowered Goku and abducted Gohan after noting his Saiyan tail and recognizing him as Goku's son. Holding his nephew captive, Raditz told Goku he still had a chance to regain his honor by destroying a few hundred humans to start with and when he was done, he was to seek him out, but that he intended to hold onto Gohan until then as leverage.

Gohan held prisoner by Raditz

Once back at his Saiyan Pod, Raditz became annoyed by Gohan's constant crying and proceeded to lock him within his ship before preparing to go out to find food. However his emotional stress caused his dormant powers to begin showing, shocking Raditz who began to believe his scouter was malfunctioning when it also detcted someone with Goku's power level was approaching, only to realize the truth when Goku was revealed to actually have come to him along with Piccolo. Raditz was disappointed to see Goku had not taken up the offer. Gohan was locked in Raditz's space pod and told them he would not be releasing him; instead, he planed to take the boy back with him to raise him as a proper Saiyan. Goku and Piccolo fought Raditz to a standstill; at one point, it seemed that Goku was finished. In a fit of rage, Gohan's powers stormed to the surface once more and he broke Raditz's pod into pieces and attacked his uncle upon his release by slamming himself into him with enough force that Raditz armor was broken and Raditz was nearly layed out. However, afterwards, Gohan was both confused as to how he had accomplished his feat and drained from the experience, promptly being knocked out by the angry Raditz. Goku seized Raditz before he could finish Gohan off. Piccolo, who had been charging his Makankosappo, just in time for Goku to get Raditz in his grasp and unleashed his ability, impaling both Saiyan brothers in the process. With his dying breath, Raditz informed Piccolo that their victory would be worthless, transmitting the entire ordeal to his two Saiyan allies, who would surely arrive to avenge him and finish the job, by destroying the Earthlings. Radtiz and Goku both passed away, but the Earth was facing a new and much greater threat, which would arrive within a single year.

Piccolo's training regiment

Piccolo's response to the situation was to immediately abduct Gohan and put him through a training regiment until he was a suitable warrior; he advised Krillin, Roshi and Bulma to make similar plans for getting a formidable defense force together. Krillin and Roshi would seek out their old friends like Yamcha and Tien to get ready for the imminent battle. When Gohan awoke, he was in the middle of the wilderness with Piccolo, who briefly explained the situation to Gohan, who quickly went into hysterics when he heard that his father was dead. Piccolo, however, was not willing to tolerate the outburst for long and soon began a survive-or-die style training regiment, ranging from wilderness survival, to fighting wild beasts and eventually one-on one training between the two. During the first full-moon. since Gohan's tail had grown in, Piccolo discovered Gohan could transform into a giant ape, during the full moon. Piccolo blew up Earth's moon, once he realized that it was the cause and then removed Gohan's tail, just to be certain that the Saiyans could not employee such a technique once they arrived. Over the course of the training, Gohan developed a form of Stockholm Syndrome and began to view Piccolo as a surrogate father-figure.

Gohan, preparing himself to fight Nappa and Vegeta.

After a full year under Piccolo's tutelage, Gohan had become a formidable warrior, though his normal childhood innocence was still unwavering otherwise. Piccolo and Gohan reunited with Kuririn and the other Z warriors, who had finished training programs of their own with Kami and Mr. Popo and had used the Dragon Balls to wish back Goku, who was on his way coming back from the far corner of the afterlife, after training with the lord of the worlds, Kaio. No sooner had the Z fighters assemble than the Saiyans, Nappa and Vegeta, had arrived to confront them. The two Saiyans said they were not there to avenge Raditz as he has believed, they actually viewed him as such an utter weakling that his death was meaningless to them, they had arrived to get their hands on the Dragon Balls, which they had heard mentioned prior after the battle and intended to use them to make themselves immortal. Nappa quickly displayed his superiority and took on all comers himself while Vegeta, sat back and calmly watched what he considered an entertaining opening act. Nappa manged to destroy everyone other than Kuririn and Gohan, Piccolo had given his life to protect Gohan from Nappa's onslaught, using himself as a living shield. Much to Piccolo's surprise, he had grown to care for Gohan as more than a weapon or even apprentice, but as the son that he had never had. With nearly all their other allies gone, and on the last of their strength, Gohan and Kuririn were revealed to see Goku as he arrived. Goku promptly defeated Nappa with almost no effort and revived Gohan and Kuririn with Senzu beans, which instantly healed them. Once Goku heard what the Saiyans were there for, he told them they had undone their own plans by killing Piccolo, which had also killed Kami, the creator of the Dragon Balls and with Kami gone, the Dragon Balls, no longer held any powers. Vegeta became enraged that Nappa had killed Piccolo and made their entire trip a waste. And since Nappa was already beaten to within an inch of his life, Vegeta considered him worthless and killed him before turning his attention on Goku.

Gohan transformed into his Oozaru form.

Goku told Gohan and Kuririn to get to safety so he could fight Vegeta without worrying about them. Knowing they would only impede Goku's ability to fight Gohan and Kuririn flew off wishing Goku their best. Gohan would eventually turn back though once he felt Goku's life force wavering and insisted to Kuririn that they go back for his father. Sure enough, Goku was badly beaten, though Vegeta was less than fighting fit himself, having had his tail recently cut off by Yajirobe after transforming with a device that created artificial moonlight. Upon returning, Gohan shortly transformed himself, his tail having grown back at the last moment. Once in his giant ape form Gohan went on a rampage, Goku was able to telepathically reach Gohan and help him work through his rage, Though Gohan was still not himself, he has a slim memory of who Goku and Kuririn were and directed his anger specifically at Vegeta. The Saiyan prince used his power to cut off Gohan's tail but not before being crushed by the giant ape. Gohan returned to his normal form after landing on Vegeta and was unconscious. Vegeta was still alive, but just barely. Kuririn went to go finish Vegeta, but Goku's pleas stayed Kuririn's hands from striking down Vegeta as he made for his space pod. Goku wanted to give Vegeta a chance to escape, to learn the error of his ways and also maybe fight him again in the future, for however he was raised Goku still had a drop of Saiyan pride that demanded a rematch of the two. Against his better judgment, Kuririn honored Goku's request and Vegeta took off his space pod. Chi-Chi had arrived to destroy the Saiyans for threatening her son but she, Bulma and Master Roshi were moments to late to catch Vegeta before he left. Chi-Chi immediately took Goku and Gohan to the hospital to recover, Yajirobe was hailed as a hero for defeating the giant ape and Kuririn told his mentor of the epic battle as they pondered how to revive their fallen friends with no Dragon Balls.

Frieza Saga

After recovering from his injuries in a Hospital Gohan chose to go to the planet Namek in Kami and Piccolo's former complete self's Namek Spaceship with Krillin and Bulma to gather the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring back his friends back to life, because Piccolo's death caused Kami's death too, which caused the Earth's Dragon Balls to turn to stone. Gohan was on a personal mission to wish back Piccolo, and went so far as to design and wear a copy of Piccolo's dōgi to honor him after his mother had gotten rid of his old one.

After their month long trip, with a few sidetracks such as a fake planet namek and a case of mistaken identity, they finally make it to Namek, where they find out Vegeta has also come seeking the Dragon Balls, along with his former far more powerful boss, Frieza. While scouting the planet with Krillin, Gohan spots Frieza and his minions, Zarbon and Dodoria, tormenting Namekian villagers. After all of the villagers are slaughtered except for one reamining child named Dende who is about to be killed by one of Frieza's top henchman named Dodoria, he goes out and attacks him. Afterwards, Dodoria chases Gohan, Krillin and Dende, but they eventually lose him and Vegeta tracks down kills Dodoria since he's separated from Frieza. Dende leads Gohan and Krillin to Grand Elder Guru, the ruler of the Namekians, where he unlocks both of their hidden potential and notes Gohan's truly incredible dormant powers which he is unable to fully bring out but non the less Gohan still receives a good boost to his abilities. Gohan steals a Dragon Ball that Vegeta has hid in a lake for himself, and even tricks Vegeta who runs into him on his way back from retrieving the ball. Vegeta figures this out eventually and becomes enraged, but the arrival of the Ginyu Force makes Vegeta have to form an alliance with Gohan and Krillin in order to get all the Dragon Balls and put up a fight against Frieza's feared Special Forces. Unfortunately, when they gather all of the Dragon Balls, they are ambushed by the Ginyu Force. The weakest of them, Guldo, is to take on Krillin and Gohan, but fails as Vegeta steps in and decapitates him with his hand.

Then, when Vegeta is fighting a losing battle against Recoome, Krillin and Gohan step in and fight, but it is still not enough. Gohan takes a devastating kick from Recoome to his neck and is left on the brink of death until Goku shows up with Senzu Beans and heals them. Goku takes on the rest of the Ginyu force with little effort, but has his body switched by Captain Ginyu who was impressed by Goky's power level. With Goku completely weak in Captain Ginyu's self wounded body, Gohan has to try to fight Captain Ginyu in his father's body (although he is initially reluctant to do so, despite knowing it is not his dad, as he still feels he is injuring his dad by doing so). Captain Ginyu is unable to fully figure out Goku's powers and after a short fight with Gohan, Krillin, and Goku in Ginyu's body, Vegeta kills Jeice and ultimately defeats Ginyu who attempts to switch bodies with him twice with the first attempt being intercepted by Goku which lands Goku and Ginyu and the second attempt lands Ginyu in the body of a Namekian Frog. After placing Goku within a healing pod to recover and Vegeta takes a nap, Gohan and the others use the Namekian Dragon Balls and wish for Piccolo to be brought back to life and then teleported to Namek. Vegeta confronts them and just as he is about to force Dende to wish him immortal, Guru dies and the Namekian Dragon Balls turn to stone.

Shortly after, Frieza ambushes them, making them stall for Piccolo to come. In the Z Fighters' battle against Frieza's second form, Krillin is injured by the tyrant and is sent into the depths of the water below. Gohan rushes to save his friend from drowning, but Frieza stops him. Getting angry, Gohan attacks Frieza with a barrage of punches and kicks followed by the Gekiretsu Madan (a massive wave of energy blasts), following up with a Masendan to finish the job, that would bring the tyrant to his knees.

When Piccolo (now greatly powered up after fusing with the Namekian hero Nail) arrives on the battle field, he fights an even battle against Frieza while Gohan and the others watch in amazement. However, Frieza transforms into his third transformation and gains the upper hand against Piccolo. Seeing this, Gohan becomes enraged and attacks Frieza with the Full Power Masenko, hindering Frieza for a few minutes. Eventually, Frieza manages to deflect the attack back at Gohan, who is saved by Piccolo when he destroys the attack with a Ki Blast. Frieza then transforms into his final form, and as his first act, kills Dende, who had been healing the Z Fighters. Frieza then tries to kill Gohan with a Death Beam, but Vegeta saves the young Saiyan by kicking him out of the way of the blast. Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo watch in horror as Vegeta, despite the increase from a recent Zenkai, gets brutally beaten by Frieza until Goku arrives. In the end, Vegeta meets his end at the hands of Frieza, who kills him with a Death Beam.

Gohan and the others are left on the sidelines while Goku fights an even battle against Frieza. However, things turn bad when Frieza powers up to half his full power and overwhel

SSJ2 Gohan punches Full Powered Cell

ms Goku, who desperately attempts to use a Spirit Bomb powered by the planets near Namek. In order to buy Goku some time, Gohan and Krillin lend their energy to Piccolo so he can stall Frieza enough for Goku to complete a Large Spirit Bomb. When Frieza prepares to kill Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin summon up the last of their energy and distract the tyrant with a surprise attack, saving the Namekian's life. Goku then fires his completed Spirit Bomb. It proves successful and Frieza is plummeted into the depths of the Spirit Bomb, seemingly killing him but in truth only heavily injuring and angering him.

Believing the tyrant to be dead, the heroes relax and prepare to go back home to Earth, until Frieza reveals his survival by firing a at Death Beam at Goku but Piccolo intercepts the beam and is greatly injured instead, overwhelming Gohan with horror and grief at the presumed death of his mentor and friend so soon after his revival. Next, Frieza kills Krillin, by firing a small piece of energy into him before lifting him up into the sky and then brutally blowing him to pieces, which enrages Goku enough to awaken his inner Super Saiyan potential and transform. He orders Gohan to take Piccolo and retrieve Bulma and take them to his ship and use it to head back to Earth and Gohan refuses to leave until Goku angrily yells at him to do as he's told. Reluctantly obeying his father's wishes, Gohan leaves the battle field with the unconscious Piccolo and takes him to the ship before going out, finding Bulma, and returning her to the ship.

Later, when he suddenly can no longer feel his father's energy, Gohan believes him to have died and so returns to the fight to stall Frieza before Namek explodes. However, despite his best efforts, he is unable to stall Frieza as the tyrant taunts him and he is not fighting, in addition to Frieza deducing the real reason Gohan is there. However, Gohan then senses that his father is still alive and powers up. Next, Gohan attacks Frieza with a barrage of punches and kicks, knocking him to the ground and finally blasting him with a Super Masenko. Unfortunately, Frieza appears unaffected by the attack and powers up to his full power again, saying that Gohan is a true Saiyan and that is why Frieza must kill him so as to avoid Gohan one day also becoming a Super Saiyain and opposing him. However, before Frieza can kill Gohan, Goku rises up from the ocean below and again Gohan to get off Namek. Gohan flies away from the fight and encourages his father to win. As Gohan is flying back to the spaceship, he and the others are suddenly transported to Earth by Porunga while Goku is left finishing the battle with Frieza on the dying planet Namek.

Finding himself back on Earth in an unknown grassy area, Gohan finds that all the Namekians have been revived and wished there as well and is happy when the revived Dende uses his powers to heal Piccolo before he could subcumb to his wounds. He listens to Guru along with the others as the battle unfolds before Guru passes away from old age and later learns from King Kai through Bulma that his father was seemingly unable to escape the explosion of Namek and killed. Months later, they are allowed to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish their friends back to life. However, they are shocked after the Eternal Dragon Porunga refuses the wish that Goku be brought back to life, but everyone rejoices once the Dragon explains that Goku did not die from Namek's explosion and thus was still alive. Gohan wishes his father to Earth but POrunga does not grant the wish tdue to Goku desiring to come back to Earth on his own. Gohan eventually says goodbye to Dende after the Namekians find themselves and new Name and wish themselves there. During this time of peace, everyone awaits the return of Goku, and Gohan goes back to his studies while Piccolo watches over him and his mother from afar.

Androids Saga

Cell Saga

Majin Buu Saga

Dragon Ball Super

Battle of Gods Saga

Some time after the titanic battle with Majin Buu, Gohan is first seen leaving a book store with Videl and wants to become a scholar. He is later seen at his home when Goten and Trunks are giving Videl a wedding gift.

Gohan arrives at Bulma's birthday party with Chi-Chi and Videl. While he was there, he gives Piccolo a copy of their wedding picture, in which he blinks right as the photo was being taken. Gohan takes to serving Bulma a drink while she complains about his father not being in attendance to the party. He spends some private time with Videl away from the others and is introduced to Beerus and Whis following the pair arriving to the party, joining the other attendees in clapping for Beerus and chanting his name. When Mr. Satan was blown away by Majin Buu and Beerus, Gohan and Videl try to help him recover. After Beerus is challenged by Buu, who he defeats effortlessly as well as Gotenks, Gohan decides to get involved and charges Beerus. However, he is knocked out when Beerus hits him with Buu's body.

Goku intervenes before Beerus can destroy the Earth and in the group summoning Shenron, they learn how to create a Super Saiyan God, Gohan joining the other Saiyans in holding hands in an attempt to make Goku into one. When this fails, Beerus tries to destroy Earth again, aiming directly at them prior to Videl intervening despite Gohan attempting to convince her otherwise. After Videl reveals that she is pregnant, Gohan is excited to become a father and arguing to his father that her joining them is their only hope when he ponders if the womb will be enough.

Resurrection F Saga

Gohan is cooking for Videl but it turns into a fiasco. Six months later, Gohan's first child has been born and is named Pan. Gohan finally became the scholar he wanted to be. One time, Gohan returned home and wanted to play with Pan as his alter ego Great Saiyaman self but Mr. Satan wanted to play too. They both began tossing Pan around until Chi-Chi interrupted and began yelling at them. Gohan along with Mr. Satan wanted Pan to be a martial artist but she did not want another warrior in the family.

Gohan notices that Goku is trying to leave and go with Whis and train so he tells his mother to try to prevent him from going. When Goku is about to leave, Gohan shows up with Chi-Chi and Goten with him and Gohan argues that Goku needs to train and grow stronger in order to protect the Earth, but Chi-Chi didn't budge to that and was eventually relieved when Chi-Chi abruptly gave into Goku's wishes after he leaves as she knows that he will return when he gets hungry.

Gohan returns home with Videl. They have Piccolo babysit Pan when they're away. By the time of Frieza's revival, Gohan shows up and notices that Piccolo is worried. Piccolo senses power that he can't explain, then Gohan notices it too. Four months later, when Gohan and Piccolo heard news of Frieza's return, they join Master Roshi, Krillin, and Tien Shinhan in the fight against him and his army of 1,000 soldiers.

Gohan tells everyone that Goten and Trunks will not show up due to Bulma's request and they would do something reckless. When Krillin wondered if Buu was going to show up, Gohan says that he won't because he fell asleep and it'll be hard waking him up. Master Roshi asks if Gohan has kept up with his training, he declines but says that he can probably go Super Saiyan. Gohan takes on Frieza's army along with Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Jaco, and Master Roshi.

Gohan challenges Shisami when he approaches. Gohan shoots a barrage of kiblasts while he gets charged at by Shisami then gets caught in a Bear Hug. Gohan isn't struggling while being in the possession of Shisami. He tells him that he has a child and that when a person like him disturbs the peace, he needs to protect them. Before Gohan could attack Shisami, Tagoma shoots a ki blast at them and kills Shisami and critically injures Gohan. Gohan's heart stops beating so Piccolo restarts it by blasting a kiai and was given a Senzu Bean by Krillin.

Tagoma is taken on by Piccolo but when he's in need, Gohan helps Piccolo by shooting a blast at Tagoma to get him away. However, Gohan's blast doesn't hurt Tagoma as his body has endured the pain and suffering from Frieza, making his body steel-like. Gotenks comes out of nowhere and charges Tagoma and hits him in his crotch. Captain Ginyu switches bodies with Tagoma and takes on the Z Fighters with his immense power. They are easily beat by Ginyu with just single punches to everyone. Gohan takes on Captain Ginyu after he switches bodies with Tagoma. Gohan is struggling to fight against Captain Ginyu because he hasn't been training to maintain his power. Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan and beats Ginyu in several hits but spares him.

Frieza gets furious because Gohan transformed into a Super Saiyan and sparing Ginyu, reminding him of when Goku spared him on Namek and thought it would be fun to torture him to make Goku mad. Gohan is shot numerous times through the arms, legs, stomach and chest with Death Beams, leaving him on the ground, nearly dead. As the fatal Death Beam Frieza shot at Gohan, Piccolo gets in front of the beam and takes it for Gohan, once again dying for him. Devastated, Gohan expresses regret for not training and not even having the power to protect Piccolo and his family, with Krillin comforting Gohan and assuring him that him giving up fighting to be with his family is not a bad thing. While Frieza taunts and threatens to also kill Videl and Pan, Gohan vows to stop him at all costs, causing him to power up to his fullest. At this time Bulma manages to contact Whis and inform them of what is happening so Whis gathers Beerus, Goku and Vegeta and attempt to find Earth for Goku however Goku can't sense anyone so Whis shows him a picture of Gohan to assist.

Gohan's rage is building and he stands back up ready to fight Frieza and begins to power up with what little energy he has left. Krillin, Master Roshi, Tien, Goten and Trunks attempt to calm Gohan down saying Goku and Vegeta will be here in a moment but he isn't listening and powers up further. Beerus commends Gohan for being able to put out so much power not knowing he had it in him and says Goku surely has to sense him by now however he isn't, with Vegeta getting annoyed at Goku for not being able to sense Gohan yet. Gohan's rage blows and he powers up to Super Saiyan not only turning the sky black but putting out more than enough power for Goku and Vegeta to sense.

Gohan's body, however, is too injured to go on and his body breaks, dropping him out of Super Saiyan, leaving him dazed and powerless. Frieza laughs and fires a Death Beam at his head however Goku and Vegeta arrive and block the attack for Gohan and Goku catches Gohan. Gohan is disappointed in himself for not being able to save Piccolo and being too weak, however Goku and Vegeta commend him for putting out so much power that they were able to sense him all the way from Beerus's planet and they are proud of him for standing up to the newly empowered Frieza for so long on his own. Goku gives Gohan to Krillin, who brings him back with a Senzu bean. Gohan retreats with Krillin, leaving the battle to Goku.

He then watches the fight between Goku and Frieza and later Vegeta who steps in after Goku is taken out. After Frieza destroys the Earth, Gohan gets protected by Whis, along with the others. Whis undoes time for Goku to be able to kill Frieza and send him back to Earth's Hell. After that, Gohan heads back home to see that Videl and Pan are okay then he embraces them and promises to protect them at all costs. He is later seen at a party, with the other Z fighters who participated in the fight and talks to Piccolo as he realized he needs to train and asks Piccolo if he could do so and Piccolo accepts this and tells him to maintain his dull body first.

Universe 6 Saga

Sometime after the encounter with Golden Frieza, Gohan has been training with Piccolo in order to regain his lost power. During the training, Piccolo has grown considerably stronger and has become equal to or even surpassed Gohan. One day while they are training, Goku and Vegeta show up to recruit Piccolo to a team for the Tournament of Destroyers, but Gohan insists that he should take his place because he wants to show off his new found power. However, after hearing from Goku that the tournament is in four days, Gohan is disappointed because he has to attend an important conference for Videl's benefit and thus, he cannot participate in the tournament.

Future Trunks Saga

In the anime, Gohan is met by Future Trunks during a conference and while having ice cream with him is sized up by Future Trunks as not being of the same power that he once was. Gohan introduces Future Trunks to his family not long after, Gohan having to don his Great Saiyaman disguise to retrieve Pan once she starts flying around and finishing his work before stopping a tug-of-war over Future Trunks' sword between his daughter and old friend. Gohan, Future Trunks and Pan go outside, Gohan revealing that he wishes he could be stricter with her but cannot due to his getting "soft" whenever he looks at her. Gohan bids Future Trunks a farewell and realizes that he forgot to ask Future Trunks why he had returned to the past to begin with.

He is later called for a meeting about the situation of Future Trunks' timeline and the true origin of Goku Black being originally the Universe 10 Supreme KaiGowasu's apprentice Zamasu from the unaltered main timeline. Gohan is horrified to learn that Zamasu swapped bodies with Goku through the Super Dragon Balls and killed Goku, Goten and Chi Chi in that unaltered main timeline, and lastly invaded Future Trunks' timeline with the aid from Zamasu of that timeline to exterminate humanity and kill all gods around the universes. Gohan realizes this is the reason Trunks returned to the past.

After Zamasu's demise at cost of sacrificing Future Trunks' universe by Future Zeno, leaving Future Trunks, Future Mai, and Future Zeno as the only three survivors from their universe, Gohan flies to Future Trunks and Future Mai, bidding them farewell to find another world safely. Future Trunks in turn sees the Gohan of the alternate timeline reflected on the current Gohan.

In the manga, Gohan does not show up for most of this saga. Gohan meets Future Trunks at Capsule Corp after Zamasu's defeat. Gohan reveals he was training in the Gravity Room - as no one has asked for his help in recent battles. He tells Future Trunks he wishes to visit his peaceful timeline and Future Trunks tells Gohan he will let him visit at some point later - as Future Trunks has decided to go to a new future timeline.

Universal Survival Saga


Dead Zone

A three-year-old Gohan ends up kidnapped by Garlic Jr. and his henchmen, largely due to his possession of the Four Star Dragon Ball. While held hostage at Garlic Jr.'s lair, he ends up eating one of the apples that Nikki was eating, unaware that it has an intoxicating substance (resulting in him entering a state comparable to drunkenness). He eventually wakes up and unknowingly pees onKrillin's head. Eventually, Gohan manages to awaken his inner power and send Garlic Jr. into the Dead Zone. Goku, witnessing this, decides to tell Gohan about his power later and took him home.

The World's Strongest

After Oolong saw the Dragon Balls being congregated to one spot, Gohan accompanied him to investigate (with Oolong in particular planning to wish for another set of panties). However, upon arrival, they ended up witnessing Dr. Kochin using the Dragon Balls to free Dr. Wheelo's Fortress. Gohan and Oolong later ended up attacked by Wheelo's Bio-Men, but Piccolo ended up saving them, although at the cost of being captured (with Gohan believing him to have been killed). He and Oolong were later confronted by Chi-Chi and Goku regarding the disappearances of Master Roshi and Bulma, where they admitted what they had witnessed.

The Tree of Might

The film starts with Gohan enjoying a camping trip with Krillin and the gang, though while on his trip a probe suddenly falls from outer space and causes a fire to the forest. Gohan and Krillin were able to put out the fire with Gohan recusing and befriending a baby dragon in which he would befriend and later name Icarus. After putting out the fire Gohan and the gang head out to search for the Dragon Balls to wish and restore the forest.

Later while having being informed of the Tree of Might being planted from King Kai, Gohan sneaks out with Icarus to catch up and aid the Z Fighters, rescuing Chiaotzu while single handedly defeating one of the members of the Crusher Corps. His fighting performance would later catch the attention of their leader Turles, a Saiyan warrior who looks identical to Goku.

While searching for Icarus (who was caught in the crossfire during their fight), Gohan gets confronted by the ruthless Saiyan and tries to get Gohan to join him, although the former naturally refuses. He was later rescued by Piccolo but his rescue is short lived when Turles attacks both of them from behind. Now at Turles's mercy, Gohan's tail suddenly grows back, deciding to have a little fun, Turles creates a Power Ball and forces Gohan to look at it. Completely helpless, Gohan starts to transform into a Great Ape and begins to go on a rampage where he would attack and nearly kill Goku in the process but was later approached by Icarus. Thanks to his human blood, Gohan was able to recognize him and finally calm down where he begins to play with Icarus for awhile.

Though this tender moment is cut short when Turles intervenes and attacks Icarus, causing Gohan to go berserk and turn on him. Despite gaining control, he was still no match for him as Turles prepares to kill Gohan with one attack, though Goku was able to prevent this by cutting off his tail with an energy disk, turning him back to normal and saving him just in time from Turles's attack.

Although now safe, Gohan is too exhausted from the Great Ape transformation to continue on and remains unconscious throughout the rest of the film. causing Goku to vow to avenge Gohan for Turles's mistreatment of him. Later on, after Turles's defeat at the hands of Goku along with the destruction of the Tree of Might, Gohan finally regains consciousness and reunites with Icarus who has revealed to have survived Turles's attack, to his delight.

The film finally ends with Gohan enjoying another camping trip with the Z Fighters, with peace finally restored once again.

Cooler's Revenge

Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

Saiyans are a problem: the Dr. Raichi, last one who survived the attack of the Saiyans which happened on the planet Vegeta. In addition, the Saiyans subsequently used Vegeta, very advanced technology. To kill Son Goku, Vegeta, etc., it has created clones of Lord Slug, Turles, Cooler and Frieza. But the greatest danger is not in the power of the clones, but in its ability to regenerate itself and neutralize the Saiyans, in such a way that their attacks will be made in vain.

However, in a alternate ending in the Playdia version, Son Gohan ends up being much weaker then Turles is and is overpowered and killed by the evil Saiyan.

Then, Goku discovers their weak point. They beat them with the same attacks that were previously defeated. So with the help of Piccolo, Gohan and Trunks (Vegeta, as his pride, does not seem well sit him attacking the clones). They later arrive at the planet where Dr. Raichi was hidden, and despite having great abilities, in fact much larger than those of Goku and Vegeta, meet their energy and the evil Raichi is defeated.

In this first part, the Dr. Raichi, last survivor of the Tuffle race who lived on the planet Vegeta, wants to destroy all the Saiyans, which contributed to the demise of their race and became the ancient planet Plant the Vegeta planet...

Popo tells Goku and Gohan danger which runs land in different parts of the same, because of the so-called Gas Destructor.

Gohan and Goku will end this problem, each in different areas in danger of the planet. Joins les this adventure Piccolo. Just at the right time they join the adventure Trunks and Vegeta. When all seems to be over, Popo indicates them more tracts of land contaminated by Gas Destructor. Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Vegeta, and Trunks come to this new area. On this occasion, is Vegeta which begins to destroy it, he only. But, suddenly, a strange but known figure appears behind it. It was Freezer, who faced Goku on Namek planet long ago and defeated Future Trunks in the land.

Also Cooler, Slug and Tullece, all aiming to destroy the Saiyans are. Goku knows are not really characters, in fact, such is a very similar to the Saiyan.Whenever they try to defeat them with one of their best techniques, sta does not respond, due to the power that the doctor Raichi has given these Tuffle. There is only one way to defeat them, Goku is not long in finding out after a bout 'no output', in which every time you defeat an enemy, it is regenerated. It was defeating the enemy in the same way that had done it previously. Thus, Trunks will end with Freeza; and Gohan and Piccolo with Slug, thanks to the whistle that the Namekians can not hear. And the same with the two remaining enemies. Interestingly, all appear in a movie. The story continues to follow immediately to the first part, in which Goku and the others eliminated all contaminated areas of planet Earth, which prevented any technique against the ghosts that were generated in these places.

Now, Goku and others head to the planet where Dr. Raichi, took refuge as they had been previously informed. They travel at high speed with one of the spaceships of the Capsule Corporation, because without having previously gone to this planet, Goku can not do teleportation, as it could be dangerous. At the beginning of the problems with the ship, due to a storm in space, they arrive at the desired place, which is quite dark and with many areas of a dark red, as if never had been any species with life on the planet. Goku, however, realizes that Dr. Raichi is located in this place. Therefore, you decide to call it, and effectively, there is our enemy. Great technology of the Popo has allowed to survive, thanks to a machine that collects large amounts of energy from the universe, resulting in the destruction of the same long-term.

Dr. Raichi tells how whenever you destroy an enemy, returns to arise, lest it defeat as the first time, as in the case of Freeza, Cooler, Slug and Turles. The problem is that not is has defeated Dr. Raichi before on any occasion, reason by which Goku runs into more problems.

It is Vegeta wanting to personally defeat the Doctor Raichi, doing everything possible so that Goku is not that delete it. "The Saiyans will be never defeated by the Popo," this is what it says Vegeta, which also recognizes that his species has done evil deeds in the past. All attack at the same time Dr. Raichi, wrapped in a sphere that is virtually impossible to open or break, formed by a very strong glass. But several successive attacks of Goku and the others manage to break this capsule and all its effects, of which misses the same Vegeta. Goku fails to defeat our enemy with a Kamehameha wave, so is Vegeta which succeeds with a Final Flash, thus reaching its goal of defeating the last Vegeta. Now it seems that the Final Flash is better than a Kame Hame to Goku and, in addition, has managed to overcome the Popo and the ancient planet Plant technology.

However, accumulating energy machine has not been destroyed, what makes us think that the Tuffle can have been regenerated as it was at the beginning with Freezer, Cooler, Slug and Turles. Then they will have to again confront the Doctor Raichi, possibly more dangerous than now. Hatchhyack is the name of this machine, which was the last Doctor Raichi alternative to survive. Create 'ghosts', so the own Doctor Raichi has proven to be one of them to not be defeated and regenerate.

Vegeta'a machine has turned all his energy accumulated for a long time ago, whereas this bygone era since the end of the Popo until now, all a source of energy that lives in an only. It seems the end of the Saiyans, planet Earth and throughout the universe, which may not withstand such power for a long time.

Faced with the threat of destroying planet Earth, Goku reacts immediately. It made Vegeta, just with the intention of the Tuffle destroy all of the Saiyans. Goku says he is stronger than Broly, faced in two different adventures.

The new enemy is a union of Popo, but not a merger, because in this case they would be only two didn't. The result is better than this simple transformation of two beings in one.

Shiny red at the top and bottom and magenta in the Center, this monster seems practically invincible, due to its enormous size, similar to the machine Hatchhyack that has been born and has gained all this power. It seems that even keeps the power of Cooler, Freeza, Slug and Tullece.

Vegeta falls wounded, unable to give a swoop. Trunks and Gohan same happens them. Only left Goku, that even his friends from danger warning to get out of there, they may not react in time. And the same applies to him, in an attempt to attack him.

Piccolo is also wounded, but still has the beanstalk with them. It gives one of them to Gohan, who immediately recovers; and it asks to save the other three for Goku, Trunks and Vegeta, who need them more than him. Once all have regained their strength, attacked at the same time our enemy, that still beat them again and again with ease. There is only a solution: all be used at the same time his best technique. Thus, Goku's Kamehameha; Gohan's Masenko; Trunks' Burning Attack, and Vegeta's Final Flash, are all unleashed at the same time. Four sources into one are capable of generating a large amount of energy, which our enemy has not been able to resist. It has been defeated...

Everything is back to normal and Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan return to planet Earth, where Bulma continues waiting for them for lunch. however alternate ending in the playdia version Goku Gohan Vegeta trunks piccolo have to fight the newly formed supper Hatchiyack the z fighters are are beating around by him tell Goku dos a super spit bomb to kill him, however in a anther alternate ending in the Playdia version, Hatchiyack lives turn in to giant will gohan the others have hard time fighting him he die when Goku blow him up form inside

Ssj teen gohan 114.png

In another alternate ending in the Playdia version, Gohan is overpowered and killed by normal super giant forms of Hatchiyack and Gohan dies 3 times at his hands in 3 endings in db heroes Hathcyack make come back fight ssj2 Gohan, ssj3 Goku, ssj3 future trunks, ssj3 Vegeta, and Beat where he again turn in to giant form the trailer ends with Gohan beat the others dying at Hathcyack hands

Bojack Unbound

Z fighters vs hatchyack3.png
Z fighters vs hatchyack4.png

Broly: Second Coming

In this movie. Gohan appears in the second half of the movie after sensing the ki of Super Saiyan Broly. He arrived just on time to save Goten and Trunks from being killed by Broly's Eraser cannon attack. He then fought evenly with Broly in his base form. As the fights goes on, Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2, Broly also transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan Form. Gohan soon has the disadvantage but seeing Videl being injured. Gohan once gets fired up and finished off Broly with a Family Kamehameha.


Fusion Reborn

Gohan and Videl appear to fight the dead who return to Earth. Eventually, Frieza arrives and he and Gohan have a brief discussion where Gohan reveals his identity to the tyrant. Frieza sends an army of Hell inhabitants (including former Frieza Force members, Bojack's gang, etc.) to attack Gohan, but Gohan flies through them and defeats Frieza in a single blow. Afterwards, he and Videl hunt down and defeat the other escaped villains.

Wrath of the Dragon

Months after the defeat of Kid Buu, Gohan along with the Z Fighters fight against Hirudegarn after he's revived by Hoi.

Battle of Gods

Resurrection of F

Dragon Ball Z Specials

Bardock, The Father of Goku

The History of Trunks

Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!

Two years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Gohan and his family attend a banquet held by Mr. Satan. During this event, he meets Tarble and Gure, soon after Avoand Cado, who are remnants of the Frieza Force. While Goten and Trunks are fighting Avo and Cado, he decides to coach them and give them tips while they are fighting.

Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball GT starts 5 (or ten years in the Funimation dub) after the end of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan is 32 years old when the series starts (or 37 in the Funimation dub).

Powers and Abilities 

Like most characters, Gohan has the ability to fly and can manipulate ki.

Being half-Saiyan, Gohan possesses more strength than any Human and can turn Super Saiyan and most of its following form

Super Saiyan

s. Aside from this, during his training with Piccolo before the Saiyan's arrival, Gohan has shown considerable skill in swordsmanship.

It was stated throughout the course of the Dragon Ball series that Gohan possessed bottomless power. That being said, his power makes him a noteworthy asset to his allies, occasionally becoming the team's champion, as he fought against the likes of Perfect Cell, Majin Buu, Broly, Bojack, among many others.

Alternate forms/power-ups

Great Ape/Oozaru

In his great-ape/Oozaru form, Gohan is a feral beast. This is a natural state for all Sayans that they use to devastate planets that put up fights against them. Their natural destuctive potential is increased twinty times with a massive strength, damage resitance and agility on top of their already super-human abilities in those areas. The state is triggered by light reflected in a full moon.

Unlock Potential

When seeking out the Namikian Guru to warn him of the danger to his people, the wise elder gave Gohan a power boost to help in the defence of his people. Upon placing his hand on Gohan's head, Gohan's power was unleashed - all the strength being held-back up to that point was brought to the surface without any adverse affects.

Super Saiyan

Gohan eventually excels to the level of Super-Sayan with training from his father. In this state he is twinty times stronger than he was originally, his energy projection has no limits and he is powered by his own rage.

Super Saiyan 2

In Super-Sayan 2 Gohan has excelled past what even a Super-Sayan can do. However in this state Gohan needs to strain to think clearly and a tranquil rage drives him.

Full Power

Full Power is a term for when anyone fights at full ki - maximum spirtual energy reserves. If Gohan goes into any of his alternate forms at full Full Power, he can maintain the state for a massive amount of time.

Potential Unleashed

Gohan's strongest stage is his Potential Unleashed. A boost given to him by the Elder Kai. In this state Gohan is the strongest a mortal being can possibly be. The process is temporary and takes days of meditation to achieve but in it, there is vertually nothing that can stop him.


  • Young Gohan's voice actress, Stephanie Nadolny also voices Kid Goku in the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT as well as KO from Lakewood Plaza Turbo while Adult Gohan's voice actor, Kyle Hebert also voices Ox-King in the FUNimation dub of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Gohan is currently the only Saiyan/Human hybrid to ever have and be seen with a tail.
  • Gohan is the youngest character to achieve Super Saiyan 2.
  • Many of Gohan's hairstyle resemble the ones Yamcha had.


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