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You have done well to find your way to this place. Oh chosen one... Accept this final challenge.
~ Gohdan

Gohdan is a boss and supporting character in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is a guardian tasked by the gods to test the chosen hero.


Gohdan first appears in the Tower of Gods dungeon. There it waits for Link to show up as the hero to be tested. It tries to attack Link with its hands and the fireballs shot from its mouth; to counter this, Link must shoot the eyes on its hands and face, followed by throwing a bomb into its mouth. After Link proves himself by eventually defeating it, it praises Link for his success and advises him to proceed with caution before giving him a Heart Container.


  • Despite being a boss in the game, Gohdan was not evil like a lot of the others, as it was simply testing Link to see if he was ready for his adventure. In addition, Gohdan does not appear in Ganon's Tower with the other bosses for this reason.
    • Without Gohdan's help, Link would not have been able to progress further, nor would he have proven his ability to withstand the burden of the rest of his quest.
  • When Link runs out of bombs or arrows, Gohdan would provide Link a bundle of whichever items by dropping them out of its nose.

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