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Goku Jr. is the grandson of Pan, the great-grandson of Gohan and Videl, the great-great-grandson of Goku, Chi-Chi, and Mr. Satan, and the great-great-great-grandson of Bardock and Gine. In the show, he is seen fighting Vegeta Jr. in the Tenkaichi Budokai 100 years after the events of Dragon Ball GT.


Goku Jr. bears a striking resemblance to his great-great-grandfather Goku. His outfit is reminiscent to the one worn by Goku in GT (except that he has a sea-foam blue shirt underneath).

He also wears a red bandana around his forehead (possibly as an homage to his great-great-great-grandfather Bardock).


In stark contrast to Goku, Goku Jr. was initially a timid child and wasn't interested in fighting (similar to his great-grandfather Gohan when he was a child, before he was trained by Piccolo). After his grandmother Pan fell ill, Goku Jr. embarked onto a journey to help her get better. When Lord Yao attacked an innocent bear cub, Goku Jr. tapped into his power and courageously fought the demon lord off.


In the movie Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy, Goku Jr. went to school and took training under his grandmother's wing, but didn't have his great-great-grandfather's strength or will to fight. However, after a turn of events, he was able to become a Super Saiyan and find the Four-Star Dragon Ball at Goku's old house. However, Goku approaches him telling him he'd need to find all seven of the Dragon Balls, but his wish came true anyway as his sick grandmother and thought-dead friend Puck turned out to be alive thanks to his great-great grandfather.

Powers and Abilities

Like his ancestor Goku, he has the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan and as such, his physical parameters are boosted. With this power, Goku Jr. was able to easily defeat Lord Yao.


  • He met his great-great-grandfather at least twice.
  • Goku Jr. has the ability to turn into a Super Saiyan, despite the fact that it should be genetically impossible due to less than 1/4 of his blood being that of a full-blooded Saiyan.


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