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The Gold Saints are the main protagonists of the anime/manga, Saint Seiya. They wear the 12 Gold Cloths that correspond to the zodiac constellations, the most powerful among the 88 Cloth. The Gold Saints are immeasurably powerful as they perform astonishing feats, such as the capacity of attaining the speed of light.

Their goal at the Sanctuary is mainly to protect the 12 Zodiac Temples, one for each sign, but they are also the ultimate arsenal at the disposition of Athena and the Grand Pope to accomplish the most difficult of missions. They represent Athena's main line of war defense during the conflicts against the other deities' armies.

They are protected by the twelve zodiacal constellations that are on the ecliptic cycle, thus, containing the energy and light of the sun.

During the 21st Century

The Gold Saints of 21st Centuary

During the 20th Century

  • Hades Arc
    • Aries Mu
    • Taurus Aldebaran
    • Gemini Saga
    • Gemini Kanon
    • Cancer Deathmask
    • Leo Aiolia
    • Virgo Shaka
    • Libra Dohko
    • Scorpio Milo
    • Sagittarius Aiolos (brief post-mortem appearance)
    • Capricorn Shura
    • Aquarius Camus
    • Pisces Aphrodite
  • Before Classic Era: