A great evil has descended upon your lands! Give me your power and I will undo it!
~ The Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon.jpg

The Golden Dragon (known as the Saint Star Dragon in Japanese) is a heroic dragon appearing in the anime Mon Colle Knights. He is a dragon who is prophetized to appear when needed, and draws his power from all the six elements found throughout Mon World. He makes his home in Heaven and is the most powerful monster found in all of Mon World itself.  


When monsters of all six elements from across Mon World settle their differences and gather in one place, the skies above are set alight. If angels of all six elements give a share of their power, that power becomes a gate to Heaven and the Golden Dragon emerges from it, formed from their energies.

The Golden Dragon appears in the anime's series finale. He helps to defeat the Doomsday Dragon unleashed by Redda as Mondo Ooya and Rockna Hiragi merge with him and take in the energy of all six elements, combining it into a single attack that overpowers and destroys the Doomsday Dragon with one blow. After victory is achieved with that, the Golden Dragon flies away to the sky and bursts into a star, leaving behind six new Monster Items.


  • While the Golden Dragon's main root element is Light, he can also tap into the elements of Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Darkness (which is referred to as the so-called Evil element) as well.
  • This monster was created for the anime and does not exist on the card game.
  • The dragon has a red gem on its forehead, and green eyes. This corresponds to Mondo and Rockna's color schemes and features.
  • In the Saban English dub, the originally mute Golden Dragon is given a shrieky male voice and points out the obvious, as all characters do in the dub.
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