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Goldie O'Gilt is a supporting character in the 2017 version of DuckTales

She is Scrooge's love interest and one of his current rivals. A self styled con-artist, she's also an adventurer like he is, though with fewer scruples.

She is voiced by Allison Janney.


Goldie is an overall selfish person who is always scheming so that she and she alone gets whatever treasure she's after. That said though she is never cruel or spiteful and would never actually let someone be harmed during her scheme. Likewise, she saved Scrooge from the falling rock fissures, and then from one of Glomgold's death traps, and is quite appalled when Doofus uses Louie as a piñata for Boyd to whack.


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  • The creators of the series have indicated that Goldie and Scrooge have a sort of rivalry, not unlike that of Batman and Catwoman.
  • The inspiration of her character was from Kathleen "Klondike Kate" Rockwell.
  • Unlike the other previous appearances, while they feature her as elderly, Goldie is infinitely younger in the reboot. It was said that Goldie found the fountain of youth to restore her vitality as her elderly appearance wouldn't be a good representation of her in the reboot.


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