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Goldramon or Goddramon is the a hero in Digimon Adventure:. He is the alternate Mega form of Patamon.

He is voiced by Miwa Matsumoto in the Japanese version.


After being freed from Millenniummon's orb, MagnaAngemon and Angewomon digivolve into Goldramon and Magnadramon to fight the evil Digimon. The two Megas overpower Millenniummon and apparently destroy him only to have Millenniummon digivolve into ZeedMillenniummon instead. When WarGreymon attempts to destroy ZeedMillenniummon with a Terra Force powered by the hopes of all of the Digimon that the Chosen Ones have met along the way and the Digital World itself, Goldramon and Magnadramon add their own power to the attack. Goldramon and Magnadramon's power gives the Terra Force the last boost that it needs to finally destroy ZeedMillenniummon.

The digivolvution into Goldramon and Magnadramon and the power that they expended as them exhausts Patamon and Gatomon so much that they can't digivolve to help against Burpmon. The two require days of recovery at the hot springs before they are ready to move on again.

Episode Appearances



  • Goddramon's first debut as a card, which implied the evolved form from Holyangemon, was first published in 1999, predating that of Seraphimon in 2001.
  • He only appears in one episode with Patamon digivolving into Seraphimon instead when he digivolves into Mega again.

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