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The Goliath Doll is a giant doll used in Alice's Last Spell Card during Story Mode of Cirno. It seems it's the most powerful Doll in Alice's Army.

Alice fights against Cirno to test this doll with the Spell Card Testing "Goliath Doll". After a 60 second countdown, Both Alice and the doll were defeated, with the latter exploding in a catastrophic failure.


She has blonde hair and blue eyes, wears a dark grey colored dress with a white apron and dark grey sleeves along with dark grey shoes. The bows on her head and dress are colored in red and she appears to have two large swords attached to her hands. She also seems to be taller than Alice's House.



  • She was the "Daidarabotchi" Cirno was looking for, despite not being the aforementioned.
  • If playing on Lunatic, each hit with the swords can take out over 1/3 of your health, which mean's after 3 hits you lose a whole health bar.