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Whatever life holds in store for me, I will never forget these words: "With great power comes great responsibility."

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My Name is Gomez Addams and I have seen evil, I have seen horror, I have seen the unholy maggots WHICH FEAST IN THE DARK RECESSES OF THE HUMAN SOUL! I have seen all this officer, but until today, I had never seen you!
~ Gomez Addams.

Gomez Addams is the main protagonist of The Addams Family TV shows and movies. He is the father of Pugsley and Wednesday, and the husband of Morticia and brother of Fester, all of whom he loves far more than anything else in life. He was portrayed by the late Raul Julia in the first two live action films, John Astin in the 60s TV show and 90s cartoon, and Tim Curry in Addams Family Reunion, and in the 2019 animated movie he is voiced by Oscar Isaac, who also played Poe Dameron in the Star Wars series.


Gomez is the most social of his family members and often reaches out to those around him, though as a result of this he often ends up doing more harm than good in-light of his demented nature. Gomez believes in giving to charity, giving children proper education and complete devotion to his family. Gomez is exceedingly wealthy and will spread his money around whenever possible. Gomez is a lawyer by trade to so terrible at his job he almost never wins cases and only sparingly practices law, however as he is heir to an obscenely vast fortune his poor practice of law remains inconsequential.