Gonard is one of the main characters of animated series, Kappa Mikey. An antagonist in the LilyMu series, he is a protagonist in reality who is quite a nice guy, and a good friend of Mikey Simon.

He is voiced by Sean Schemmel, who is mostly known for voicing Goku in the FUNimation English dub of Dragon Ball Z.


While in LilyMu he is a diabolical genius, in reality Gonard is a generous and somewhat insecure person that seems to merely enjoy time with friends though often his thinking is illogical when faced with a problem. That said he has at times has shown to have more common sense than Mikey and often remains on good terms with all his friends despite his childish nature.

It is shown in a Christmas special that he takes his job very seriously and won't stop playing his role unless someone says "cut" to the point he continued to play his role for over a year straight in an alternate reality where LilyMu was cancelled during filming yet no one has said cut. He seems to enjoy to cook and has a fondness for sandwiches.


In reality Gonard is a tall and muscular young man often shown to wearing his blue hoodie and green shorts. Gonard has blue hair, pointy ears and lacks any visible eyebrows though there is an outline where they should be.

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