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Gonzo, also known as Garatta Ciatik, Art Rytus and Anna Lyse, is a Teensie with slanting eyes and the ability to levitate, is the third and final Teensie Doctor and lives in the Desert of the Knaaren. Helped by Otto Psi and Roméo Patti, Gonzo exorcises André from Globox's body. He and the other Teensie Doctors advise Rayman and Globox to take the Longest Shortcut so that they can catch André and Reflux and stop them from invoking the Leptys. He makes his final appearance at the end of the Longest Shortcut. While the other doctors inform Rayman and Globox that Reflux and André have escaped, Gonzo offers them a ship in which they can pursue the villains across the sea, to the Summit Beyond the Clouds. Whereas Otto has an exaggerated German accent and Roméo a stereotypical surfer/hippie accent, Gonzo speaks with a Japanese accent, and even calls Globox ?Globox-san? upon their first meeting (?-san? being an honorary term in Japanese). Gonzo's meditative nature and slanted eyes also contribute to his Japanese stereotype.


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