Bad Cop/Good Cop, also known as Bad Cop or Scribble-Face Good Cop, is the former secondary antagonist of The LEGO Movie in 2014. He is Lord Business' lieutenant.

He is voiced by Liam Neeson.


Bad Cop dresses in the black Lego police uniform, and also has grey hands. His head is yellow, and has double-sided printing. One side portrays his "bad" personality, and the other side portrays his "good" personality.

His bad side has sunglasses with grey lenses and a determined expression. His good side has an open smile and glasses. Bad Cop also wears a black helmet. His 71004 The LEGO Movie Series, Scribble Face Bad Cop/Good Cop, variant comes with a double-sided head pieces. One side shows his bad side, while the other is a scribbled good side face. He does not have details on the back of the torso, despite having them in the movie. The set 70802 Bad Cop's Pursuit also has his Bad Cop face but with a more mad expression as well as his Good Cop expression.



  • This character is similar to how Naut and Nurp are often portrayed in Mixels.
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