~ Mac or Tosh's catchphrase
You first, my dear.
~ Mac's catchphrase
But, no, no, no. It must be you who goes first!
~ Tosh's catchphrase

Mac and Tosh Gopher, or the Goofy Gophers for short, are minor characters in the original Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies shorts, and supporting characters in The Looney Tunes Show.  

They are small and brown with tan bellies and buck teeth. They both have British accents. Their names are puns on the surname "Macintosh." They are characterized by an abnormally high level of politeness.


The Goofy Gophers were created by Bob Clampett, but Eddie Selzer fired him for unknown reasons. Arthur Davis finished "The Goofy Gophers" planned by Clampett. (Norm McCabe had used a pair of gophers in his 1942 short "Gopher Goofy", but they bear little resemblance to Arthur Davis' characters). The cartoon features the gophers' repeated incursions into a vegetable garden guarded by a dog whom they relentlessly, though politely, torment. Mel Blanc plays Mac and Stan Freberg Tosh. Both speak with high-pitched English accents like those used in upper-class stereotypes around at the time.

Mac and Tosh's dialogue is peppered with such over politenesses as "Indubitably!", "You first, my dear," and "But, no, no, no. It must be you who goes first!" Clampett later stated that the gophers' effeminate mannerisms were derived from character actors Franklin Pangborn and Edward Everett Horton.




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