Goombella is a very smart and sassy Goomba girl from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. She is the first companion to join Mario on his quest, and she provides Tattle information to Mario about his location or the character who stands in front of him all throughout the game. She aspires to be an archaeologist.



Goombella, like Goombario before her, is Mario's main source of information throughout the game. Whenever a new enemy appears in battle, or in any battle, Mario can select Goombella's Tattle attack. Tattle shows Mario the attack strength, defense, HP, and a brief description of the enemy's powers and abilities. The information is then recorded in the journal for future reference. Tattle can also be used outside of battle to describe the area, give hints on what to do, or give a description of a nearby character.

Possible etymology

Goombella is a portmanteau of Goomba, her species, and Bella, an Italian name meaning "beautiful". This Italian connection also adds to the idea that Goomba comes from the Sicilian word gumba meaning "friend." This would make Goombella's name mean "beautiful friend."

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