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I can fight, sire! If you have a bow I could use, I would be honored to fight at your side.
~ Gordin to Marth

Gordin is a supporting protagonist in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, and their respective remakes Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem. In addition, another incarnation tests the protagonists of the Fire Emblem/Megami Tensei crossover Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

In Japanese, he is voiced by Ayumu Murase (who also voices Soren) in games and Akira Ishida (who also voices Reyson) in the Fire Emblem OVA. In English, Gordin is voiced by Max Mittelman in games and Kurt Stoll in the OVA. The former actor also provides the voices of Gray, Leo, Keaton, and Forrest.


Gordin is a young man with short green hair. In Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, he had a messy haircut and wore teal upper armor with gold accents over a purple shirt and pants. In addition, his face and outfit completely identical to those of the Archanean archer Tomas and almost identical to those of the Aurelian horseman Sedgar.

For Mystery of the Emblem, Gordin, Tomas, and Sedgar were redesigned to look more individual, with Gordin having a more boyish face and neater haircut. He also now wore a green tunic, green armored shoulder pads with gold accents and a single matching left breastplate. For the remakes, Gordin's shoulder pads were changed to silver and made rounder. As a Mirage, Gordin is clad in a full suit of dark neon green and pale neon green armor. His head is covered by a helm with a circular visor.


Like most members of the Altean army, Gordin possesses a passionate loyalty to both his country and his liege. He also has a strong work ethic, as demonstrated by his becoming a squire to Jeorge between the War of Shadows and the War of Heroes. However, underneath his determination Gordin is a tenderhearted and humble man who suffers from insecurities over his youthful appearance. This culminates in Gordin attempting to assert a more authoritative persona like the veteran knight Jagen, but with the help of his friends and brother Ryan, he learns to accept himself for who he is.


War of Shadows

At the dawn of the War of Shadows, Gordin was a novice member of the Altean Army's archer division, and the youngest knight at the time. Despite his inexperience, Gordin hoped to one day become a full-fledged sniper, and worked hard to achieve his dream. Eventually, much of the army marched alongside King Cornelius against the warmongering Dolhr Empire, a mighty force from the allied nation of Gra by their side. Gordin was part of a small platoon of knights who remained behind to safeguard Altea castle and the rest of its royal family; this platoon was also assisted by a squadron from Gra. However, when Gra betrayed Altea to Dolhr, their squadron at the castle promptly secured as well. In the process, Gordin was captured by Gra soldiers and held in a prison near Altea's border. Meanwhile, Altea's Prince Marth successfully fled the castle alongside the tactician Malledus and the knights Jagen, Frey, and Abel. After being joined by Abel's friend Cain, who returned from the battlefield after Cornelius' death to relay his final words to Marth, the retinue planned to escape to safety via a boat prepared by the knight Draug. Marth's route intersected with the border prison, and its captain had an idea: by dressing a bound and gagged Gordin in a Gra uniform, he could trick Marth into thinking the hapless archer was an enemy soldier planning an ambush. Fortunately for Gordin, Marth spotted his gag, and after removing it recognized his face.

Before Gordin could savor his good fortune, reinforcements from Gra and Dolhr ally Grust arrived, all led by Gra's King Jiol. Malledus grimly determined that their retinue was hopelessly outmatched, and the only way to ensure Marth's survival was for one of his retinue to act as a decoy and distract the enemy long enough for the rest to flee. With a heavy heart, Marth selected Frey as the decoy, but Frey was more than willing to die in Marth's service, and quickly disguised himself as the prince. While Jiol and his men were distracted, the rest reached Draug's boat and entered exile in the island nation of Talys.

Around two years later, Gaulter pirates led by Gazzak assaulted Talys. Marth, Gordin, and the rest of Marth's retinue assisted Talys' Princess Caeda in routing the mauraders. After the island's successful defense, King Mostyn advised Marth, Gordin, and the rest of Marth's band to take arms against Dolhr's dominion over Archanea. Gordin helped Marth's army free Aurelius from the tyranny of Dolhr's ally Macedon. During Aurelis' liberation, Marth befriended its prince, Hardin, and together with Princess Nyna of the Holy Kingdom of Archanea, unified their armies to form the Archanean League. The League next travelled to Nyna's Kingdom to save its people from the occupying Dolhr force. Along the way they entered the isolationist Kingdom of Pyrathi; it's ruler, King Mannu, was furious at their trespassing and attacked them with his own soldiers. During the battle, Marth encountered Jeorge, a sniper of Archanea who fought to defend Archanea Palace, but failed and was forced to flee. Jeorge was recruited into the League and helped defeat Mannu. As the League marched to Gra, Gordin came to greatly admire Jeorge and his technique with a bow. The two helped avenge Altea by storming Gra and aiding the killing of King Jiol. They also contributed to Altea's liberation, the defeat of Grust and Macedon, and the storming of Dolhr itself, where Marth kills its leader, the Earth Dragon Medeus, ending the War of Shadows. After the war's conclusion, Gordin temporarily left knighthood behind and departed Altea to become Jeorge's squire. He also regaled his younger brother Ryan with stories about his service to Marth during the war. After a year apprenticed to Jeorge, Gordin returned to Marth's side with Ryan in tow.

War of Heroes

Eventually, Altea castle opened its gates to train a new generation of knights. Ryan was one of hundreds of recruits who needed to overcome various trials in order to achieve knighthood. After passing his first test, Ryan was assigned to the 7th Platoon, which also consisted of leader Kris, Katarina, Luke and Roderick. Early on during knight training, Jeorge paid a visit to Altea to teach Gordin new archery techniques; he potentially became an instructor to the 7th Platoon as well. If this was the case, then Jeorge finished his lessons with a mock battle against the platoon and was soundly defeated by them. Impressed by their aptitude, particularly Kris', Jeorge wanted to offer his assistance for the remaining trials. However, he needed to return to his duties in the newly christened Holy Empire of Archanea, and so requested that Gordin aid them on his behalf. Gordin happily complied, and helped the 7th Platoon overcome their remaining challenges. After many months, the platoon finished all trials and was given a final score that varied based on their performance during each test. Regardless, the platoon did well enough to graduate to full knighthood. However, on the day of the 7th Platoon's graduation ceremony, an unknown number of assailants besieged Altea castle. It was then that Katarina revealed her true name was Reese, and that she was an assassin sent to kill Marth. If Gordin assisted the 7th Platoon at Jeorge's beheadst, he was present to help fend off Reese's attack, saving Marth's life.

Some time after the attempted assassination of Marth, the Hero-King received a letter from his old friend Hardin, who married Nyna and was responsible for reconstructing the war-ravaged Holy Kingdom into the powerful Archanean Empire. Hardin explained that a rebellion erupted in the Archanean-occupied Kingdom of Grust, and requested Marth's assistance in suppressing it. As Altea was a weaker nation, Marth was obligated to obey Hardin, so he gathered Jagen, Arran, Draug, Gordin, and the 7th Platoon to help settle the dispute. Unbeknownst to Marth, Gordin, and the others, Hardin's true plan was to distract Marth and his strongest soldiers, leaving Altea defenseless for a surprise assault. All Hardin needed was a pretext to declare war, which was given to him after Marth became disgusted with Grust's occupying leader, General Lang, and defied his orders. Altea quickly fell to Archanea, though Marth's sister Princess Elice bought enough time for a few members of Marth's retinue to escape. Deciding to liberate Grust from Lang's tyranny, Marth, Gordin, and the rest of Marth's army searched for the mercenary Ogma, who was protecting Grust's true heirs, Yubello and Yumina, from Lang. They found the three under attack by bandits, and helped fight off the assailants. After successfully rescuing Ogma and the royal twins, Marth's army marched to liberate Grust. Lang's headquarters, Oldbern Keep, were guarded by an Archanean squadron; to Gordin's dismay, Jeorge was among them. However, Marth's army was able to storm the keep without harming the sniper. With Gordin's assistance, Marth defeated Lang once and for all, and found Bishop Wendell imprisoned in the keep's dungeons.

The old bishop warned Marth that the world risked falling to ruin thanks to the shattering of the Starsphere, and advised him to collect the shards in Chasmir's Fane of Raman; unfortunately, the temple was ransacked by bandits. After routing the thieves, Marth's army attempted to return to Archanea via the Chasmir Bridge, but were were confronted by Hardin's army, including Jeorge, who were determined to punish all dissidents. As all attacks on Hardin's person were repelled by a dark magical shield, Gordin approached Jeorge and asked him to rejoin Marth's side. Jeorge confessed that he had grown to despise Hardin for his increasingly cruel actions, and defected on the spot. As Hardin was invincible, however Marth, Gordin, Jeorge, and the had vanguard to flee across the ocean while the rearguard distracted Hardin's men. The vanguard took a boat to the desert city of Khadein in the hopes that they could find a spell to penetrate Hardin's shield; at the city they also reunited with the rearguard. At Khadein's school of magic, Marth was contacted by the White Sage Gotoh, who explained that Hardin's dark shield and moral decay were insitgated by the powerful Darksphere. Gotoh had the Lightsphere, which would cancel the Darksphere's magic, but Marth would need to reach him at the Ice Dragon Temple. Gordin traveled with Marth through Anri's way, helping to gather Starsphere shards en route to the temple. When Marth's group reached its destination, Gotoh bequeathed the Lightsphere to Marth, re-forged the Starsphere, and teleported everyone back to Altea.

After liberating Altea, Marth learned from Gotoh that Medeus' right-hand man, Gharnef, had returned and planned on using four clerics to resurrect Medeus. Draug accompanied Marth to Archanea to prevent Princess Nyna's abduction, only to learn that Hardin personally delivered her to Gharnef. After a brutal campaign, the Lightsphere's magic pierced the Darksphere's shield, mortally wounded Hardin but briefly restoring his senses. With his last breath, Hardin regretted his actions and begged Marth to save Nyna. Draug accompanied him to The Dragon's Table, where a resurrected Medeus held the four brainwashed clerics, intending to sacrifice them should he be slain again. However, each maiden was released from their trance by their loved ones, allowing Marth to kill Medeus once again, ending the War of Heroes. In the war's aftermath, Gordin retired from knighthood and departed Altea, to join the Archanean Free Knights, a group founded by Jeorge to defend civilians from bandits.

Other Media

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

With the world threatened by a performance of the Opera of Darkness, Mirage Tiki tells Fortuna Entertainment of an Opera of Light that can counter it. To obtain the right to perform this opera, Tiki constructs an Idolasphere based on her memories of the Archanea all Mirages originally came from. Inside Tiki's Idolaphere, Fortuna members needed to gain the support of relevant Mirages to play their parts in the Opera of Light by defeating them in various trials. Mirage Gordin battled Fortuna in the first trial along with Mirage Macellan, Mirage Dolph, and Mirage Linde; after all four were defeated, they blessed Fortuna with the right to portray them.

Fire Emblem Heroes

Gordin is a playable character who was available to summon on the game's official launch. His appearance is based on his design from New Mystery of the Emblem.

Fire Emblem OVA

Gordin is a supporting character in the two episodes of the Fire Emblem OVA, which adapts the first three chapters and some backstory of Mystery of the Emblem. Gordin's role is much the same as in the relevant chapters of Mystery of the Emblem, serving as the youngest knight of Altea at that time (though as the English dub of the OVA long predated any other translation of Fire Emblem media, Altea was translated as Aritia). In contrast to game counterpart's humble nature, this Gordin is loud, and frequently obnoxious to his teammates. However, he remains loyal to his country and supportive of Prince Marth (translated as Mars).


Yeah, the kind of presence people recognize from a glance: the kind that makes you nervous even when you've done no wrong. I've got a kiddy face, so I don't look like a senior knight much. The worst part is when I look even younger than you...
~ Gordin unfavorably comparing his presence to Jagen's
Good work! That's what an Altean knight is made of! But don't think I'll be left in the dust!
~ Gordin trying to speak more like Jagen
No way. I'm nowhere near your level yet. But... it doesn't really matter. I'm me, and that's that. I'm through with using everyone else as a benchmark. I'll improve by myself, not because I think I'm better or worse than someone else.
~ Gordin to Jeorge
By looking at the thickness of one's hand and fingers, one's blisters and calluses, one's habits and ability can be deduced. It's the same as showing your hand to the enemy.
~ Gordin advising Ryan

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