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Gordon Bombay is a character from the hockey comedy series The Mighty Ducks trilogy. He is the main protagonist of The Mighty Ducks, as well as it's sequel D2:The Mighty Ducks and a mentor in the final film D3:The Mighty Ducks. Gordon is a former lawyer turned hockey coach. He is the coach and mentor to the Ducks. He is portrayed by Emilio Estevez who also portrayed Andrew Clark in ​The Breakfast Club.


Earlier Life

Gordon Bombay was born Minneapolis, MN in the suburb of Edina. Gordon was big fan of hockey and dreamed of playing in NHL someday, which was support his father and family friend Hans. Gordon played peewee for the Hawks, coached by successful by over-competitive Coach Jack Reilly, where became the star player, but Reilly taught to believe that winning was the only thing mattered. He won many peewee hockey championships with, but one year Gordon's father died. Months later, during the 1973 peewee championship, the Hawks were given the opportunity to win the game with a penalty shot, which Gordon was chosen to take, but Reilly put pressure on telling him that if he this shot he will not only be him down, he be letting the whole team down as well. When Gordon took the shot, he missed, then the Hawks lost in over time costing them the chamipionship for the first time. After this Reilly cut Gordon from the Hawks. Despite this, Gordon continuted to play hockey, evuantully earning a scholarship to a distinguished prep school, Eden Hall Academy, where he was taught science by a teacher named Buckley and played for the school's team, The Warriors. However, Gordon had grow tired of the snootiness of the team and quit playing hockey. Gordon then begin to study law and became a lawyer for the firm Ducksworth, Saver & Gross.

The Mighty Ducks

As lawyer, Gordon was successful and won many cases, except one which does not count, but in an underhanded way, like humiliating the judge earning him the distant for his fellow lawyers, such as Frank Hubby. One after his 30th winning case, he is commended and scolded by his boss Gerald Ducksworth for behavior in the court room.

D2:The Mighty Ducks

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D3:The Mighty Ducks

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Gordon Bombay
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