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Gorilla is a supporting character in the CatDog episode Gorilla My Dreams.


The Gorilla is found in the crate, which he breaks out and goes into CatDog's house and Dog invited him in. After Mervis's wrist is injured, Cat gets the gorilla to take Mervis's place to help win the bowling tournament. When the gorilla sees other people who are family that had a great time together, which the gorilla misses his family and is unable to bowl. Then Dog wanted the gorilla to go back to his family, and Cat tells Gorilla that they will help him find his family and finish bowling for one condition. CatDog checks every zoo to look for Gorilla's family, and they finally found them, and they all helps CatDog to win the tournament. Later, it turns out that the gorillas wins and Dog wanted to play ping-pong, which the gorillas wanted to play too.


  • Like Cat, he is voiced by Jim Cummings.


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