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The Gorons are a race of rock people inhabiting Hyrule, Termina, and several other countries, typically living in mountain ranges. Gorons are one of the most consistently present races throughout the Zelda series, along with Hylians. By the time of The Wind Waker, other major races such as the Zora, Kokiri, and Deku are nowhere to be found, presumably having either evolved or migrated. In Skyward Sword, which is shown to be much earlier than the other Zelda games, the Goron race is still exactly the same, but all other races (excluding the Hylians) either do not make an appearance or have not evolved yet.


Gorons are race who appear to be living boulders. They eat rocks and are usually found around volcanoes and mountains. They're usually associated with the Goddess Din. They're notable for being one of the most commonly appearing races, having shown up in every game since they were introduced in Ocarina of Time except for Four Swords and Tri Force Heroes.


The Gorons are most commonly portrayed as simpleminded folk who value physical prowess above all, but there are also plenty of Gorons who tackle more intellectual pursuits. In The Wind Waker, they are portrayed as intrepid merchants, two Goron elders are shown in Twilight Princess using their knowledge of markets to help Malo expand his business, and the three Gorons in Skyward Sword are expert archaeologists who help Link figure out the history and significance of various artifacts and ruins.


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