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Gorosaurus is a dinosaur kaiju. He is an enemy of King Kong and an ally of Godzilla.

He was portrayed by Hiroshi Sekita, who previously played Ebirah and Godzilla in Son of Godzilla.


King Kong Escapes

Gorosaurus was a dinosaur that lived on Mondo Island. He encountered Susan Watson and tried to eat her, but King Kong attacked him and saved her. Gorosaurus used his Kangaroo Kick multiple times on Kong, but he was defeated when Kong broke his jaw.

Destroy All Monsters

Gorosaurus was one of the monsters that lived on Monsterland. When the Kilaaks took control of the monsters in their conquest for Earth, he was sent to attack Paris, where he burrowed underneath and destroyed the Arc de Triomphe. He was then recalled to Mount Fuji to protect the Kilaak transmitter, but he was finally released from his mind control and helped the other monsters defeat King Ghidorah. After the destruction of the Kilaaks and the death of Ghidorah, Gorosaurus and the other monsters returned to Monsterland to live their lives peacefully.


Aside from using his claws and teeth, Gorosaurus's most iconic ability is his "Kangaroo Kick", where he will jump up like a kangaroo and deal a kick to his opponent. Gorosaurus is also capable of burrowing underground, although this is only shown once in Destroy All Monsters.



  • Kong's battle with Gorosaurus is clearly inspired by the famous battle between King Kong and the Allosaurus/Tyrannosaurus in the 1933 film King Kong. Both battles end with Kong beats his opponent by breaking his jaw, although Gorosaurus survives and recovers.
  • There is a real dinosaur with a similar name, Gorgosaurus.
  • He's the only Kaiju to appear in both a King Kong film and a Godzilla film (except King Kong and Godzilla themselves).
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