Gosei is the mentor of the Mega Rangers. He and his robotic ally Tensou awoke after sensing alien presence on Earth. He inspired the design of the Gosei Morpher. Gosei is a protégé of Zordon, the mentor of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the Zeo Rangers, and the first team of Turbo Rangers. He is of the Earth and was given the post of its guardian by his mentor. Gosei took a familiar form native to Earth, a tiki, to communicate better with humans. He has kept tabs on the many Rangers that have protected Earth while he lay dormant with his robotic assistant Tensou. Upon sensing alien presence on Earth, he awoke Tensou and commanded him to bring him teenagers who encompass the great human spirit to form a new team of Rangers. Mega MissionHearing of Robo Knight's return, Gosei reveals to the Mega Rangers that he created Robo Knight centuries ago for the sole purpose to defend Earth. Gosei then states that due to Robo Knight being dormant for centuries, Robo Knight has suffered from amnesia. With that he says it is up to the Rangers to make Robo Knight relearn what is his purpose before Vrak takes advantage of it. Robo Knight (episode) Months later, Gosei discovers that the Wild Sword is breaking free from the Black Mountains's seal. He calls the Rangers for an urgent meeting to claim the Wild Sword. When the Rangers claimed the Wild Sword, he had the Rangers celebrate their victory. His role as mentor is based on Zordon's since they are both supernatural beings and have robots for assistants. The Megaforce Megazords are named after him - Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord. These names are retained from Goseiger. His design is based off of the Gosei Morpher (Tensouders) from Goseiger. When the team first meets Gosei, Jake calls him "freaky tiki". This is a nod to the monster Freaky Tiki from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

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