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Gourmelin Vic George
Gourmelin the good wizard or simply Gourmelin is a recurring character from The Smurfs comics, he is the good twin brother of Gargamel, unlike Gargamel who was an evil wizard, Gourmelin is a good wizard and an friend of The Smurfs. He has three triplets sons who are kind like him. He hates his twin brother Gargamel.


Gourmelin looks like his twin brother, but unlike his brother who captures the Smurfs, Gourmelin is kind and gentle, he is a friend of the Smurfs and always helped them to defeat Gargamel, Gourmelin has three sons that look like his twin brother, Gourmelin is friendly with animals when his brother is a bad guy.


He is almost bald just like his twin brother, he wears a blue and red robe and red pants with red shoes instead of black robe.


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