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Grace Monroe is a major character of Infinity Train, appearing as a background character of Book One - The Perennial Child, one of the two secondary antagonists (alongside Simon Laurent) of Book Two - Cracked Reflection, and the main protagonist of Book Three - Cult of the Conductor. She is a passenger on the Infinity Train and the leader of a group of young passengers formally known as The Apex.


Grace is a young African-American woman with short dark hair styled into dreadlocks. Like all Apex members, she always has a red horizontal squiggly line across her face.

Her outfit consists of a pale orange top with two shoplifting tags on both sleeves and a red and purple triangular pattern on the trim of both sleeves over a pink bra with greyish-purple shorts, golden earrings which look like exclamation marks turned upside down, a green fanny pack, purple knee-pads and pale red sneakers.

Her disguise, from The Lucky Cat Car, consisted of a black robe, a yellow mask, which she loses in The Musical Car, and greyish purple opera gloves with one of them hiding her number.

During The Debutante Ball Car, Grace wore a ball gown which had the same colours as her current outfit and puffy sleeves. Her hair became tied back by using a headpiece that had three orange feathers, she wore a yellow choker with a white diamond and still wore her earrings and opera gloves.

After deciding to change her ways in The New Apex, Grace no longer wears her Apex mark to show that she's starting over.



  • Martial Arts: Grace has been shown to be skilled in Martial Arts during Books Two and Three.
  • Ballet: As a child, Grace was given private lessons as a ballet dancer. It can be assumed that she has retains some of her original dance skills.
  • Grappling Proficiency (via Harpoon Pack): Grace originally owned a harpoon pack which allowed her to reach certian cars on the Infinity Train. However, her's was destroyed when she and Simon attempted to escape The Unfinished Car in the first episode of Book Three, The Musical Car.
  • Climbing: Shown in The Campfire Car, Grace was able to climb a tall tree in order to reach Hazel.



Grace, stemming from her childhood, hasn't been too attached to her parents, mainly because they were always occupied with their own work. Instead of spending time with their own daughter, Grace's parents hired caretakers to look after her, sent her to numerous private classes and dismiss/never approve of her. It's because of them neglecting their own daughter that caused Grace to commit theft in order for attention.

Simon Laurent

Grace and Simon were originally the closest of friends since ten years ago, when Grace save Simon, who was accidentally abandoned by Samantha the Cat, by a Ghom, and when Grace told him what she believed about the train, they formed the Apex together. Despite sharing their ideology together, the relationship they had together soon began to break apart once Grace met Hazel and became more nice around denizens. Upon Tuba's death and Hazel's exposure as a Denizen, Grace's relationship with Simon finally collapses when Simon loses his complete trust in her.

Thanks to Simon's derangement, Grace was branded as a void and his enemy, especially when he tried to kill her, even after she rescued him from falling. However, Grace had realized her mistakes on how she made him believe all the lies she thought were true and heartbroken when a Ghom had killed him.

The Apex

Being one of two leaders of the rogue passengers called the Apex, Grace lead the group along with Simon Laurent, vandalizing the Infinity Train wherever they went and even hurting many of it's denizens in order to keep their numbers high. But when she learnt that their ideology of the train was wrong and realising how badly she hurt many denizens, Grace decides to disband the group and make it into a new one in order to make amends and get her followers' numbers to zero. Even when they learnt the truth, the members of the now-disbanded Apex still followed her.

Amelia Hughes

As a young girl, Amelia was originally Grace's inspiration for creating the Apex. However, after seven years of being on the Infinity Train, Grace didn't recognise Amelia because of her robot suit being scrapped. At first she tried avoiding her, but because Amelia saved her and Hazel, Grace decided to listen to her and even accepted offer to breakfast. When Amelia revealed that she was originally the conductor that Grace saw in the Pumpkin car, she was stunned. Grace's vision of what she thought was the truth had shattered by how Amelia originally gained control of the train, how One-One was the true conductor who recently regained his place and how the point of the Infinity Train worked. She also realised that Amelia didn't care about her or the Apex, but with this new knowledge, Grace used it to fix her mistakes on the train


Originally, Grace was given the idea that One-One was the False conductor and saw him, along with the other Apex members, as her enemy. However, upon learning that Amelia wasn't the real conductor and One-One was, all threats she had towards the little robot were dismissed.


Originally, Grace had come to love terrorizing the Nulls of the Infinity Train, originally believing in her head that they weren't anything to her. However, during her travels in Book 3, Grace became more kind to the denizens of the train, even making friends with some as well. Upon realising that what she thought about the train was a lie, Grace felt immensely deep compunctions on the way she treated denizens since her time on the train. After fighting Simon's insane attempt to control the Apex, Grace finally managed to face up to her fears and decided to fix her mistakes for better.



Grace never got along with Tuba at first, seeing as how she saw that denizens aren't humans. However, after seeing her bond with Hazel, along with how it her death ruined her, she ended up being filled with regret thanks to her actions. It was also thanks to Simon's idea of Wheeling all Denizens from her, that she was beginning to see all of her wrongs.


Early Life:

Book One - The Perennial Child:

Grace had made a cameo along with Simon at the end of Book One when Amelia was going through the passengers.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection:

The Lucky Cat Car

The Mall Car

The Wasteland

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor:


  • Alongside Simon, Grace is the only known passenger on the Infinity Train to appear once in every season of the series thus far.
  • It is implied in the series and confirmed in deleted scenes cut for time, that Grace had a romantic relationship with Simon in the past.
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