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Yeah, I know. But I can honestly say, Clive, this is the most fun I have ever had.
~ Graeme's last words before dying
Wasn't that really, really dangerous?
~ Graeme after being revived by Paul

Graeme Willy is one of two deuteragonists of the 2011 sci-fi comedy film Paul. Clive's friend and illustrator, Graeme Willy accompanied his friend to the San Diego comic-con where they planned their road trip to the famous UFO hotspots of America. After witnessing Paul's car crash, he is the only one that doesn't faint and the one who helps Paul get Clive back in the RV while agreeing to get him home. He and Paul are already friends while Clive is upset to the fact that he wanted this to be a special event in his life. He also falls for the bible thumping Ruth Buggs who eventually becomes more free thanks to Paul. He also helps pick out the fireworks in order to send a signal to Paul's people in order for them to pick up Paul.

He then helps the gang fight the big guy and he's the first one to strike her as well. He's also shot in the torso by Moses Buggs who was hell-bent on shooting Paul. He dies and Paul resurrects him as well as heals him of his wounds. Graeme ends up with Ruth and says his goodbyes to Paul. Graeme and Clive later attend comic-con 2 years later with their new novel titled "Paul". He's also in a relationship with Ruth.