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An accomplished con artist, quick on the draw and down on his luck. Motivated by swag to push his mobility to the limit and prefers to shoot bots in the back.
~ Payroll's biography.

Grahame "Payroll" Phroggi is a playable character in the SteamWorld series.


SteamWorld Heist

Grahame "Payroll" Phroggi was a wheelibot that was looking for a quick way to find drops, even after when Captain Piper Faraday recruited him to her crew.

Payroll will often aid the crew if needed and will sometimes add commentary on missions, levels and upcoming bosses.

Payroll will also appear at the end of the game in the radio drama that is explaining what is happening to Piper and her crew.

Powers and Abilities

Combat: Payroll can operate almost any gun he can find, he has the ability to roll far and can deal more damage to his enemies if behind them.


  • Payroll is the only playable wheelibot in the Steamworld series.


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