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I'm Grammy Norma, I'm old and I've got gray hair. But I remember when trees were everywhere - and no one had to pay for air! So I say, let it grow!
~ Grammy Norma, from the song "Let It Grow"

Grammy Norma was the mother of Mrs. Wiggins and the grandmother of Ted, and a main character of The Lorax. She was the person who told Ted to ask the Once-ler about the trees, and how to find him, though it is never revealed if she ever knew him personally.

She was voiced by the late Betty White. In the Japanese dub from the movie, she is voiced by Hisako Kyōda.


Grammy Norma's hairstyle was a big, round, curly white afro like her daughter, Mrs. Wiggins. She wore small, round glasses and a magenta cardigan with pale pink frills over a bright green dress. She also owned a wooden spiral cane.


Despite her age, Grammy Norma was vivacious, silly, vibrant, outrageous, and perhaps crazy. She enjoyed playing Scrabble. She had a trickster side to her, and was very athletic and active, as she was shown to snowboard in the movie. She was also brave and unafraid to speak her mind against people of power like Mr. O'Hare. Grammy Norma seemed very wise and knew how to get out of a tough situation. She was also eccentric and reasonably fit.


It is known that she remembered when Truffula trees still existed. At some point in time, she gave birth to her daughter who would later give birth to her grandson. Not much else is known about her early life.


  • Grammy Norma and Mrs. Wiggins have the same Afro hairstyle. 
  • Grammy Norma is often mistaken by the name "Granny Norma".