Grams Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced as part of the original 1980's toyline. She is the only member of the Care Bear Family to be portrayed as an elder.


She has purple-ish gray fur and her Belly badge is a pink rose tied with a yellow bow, and is always seen wearing a pink shawl. In the Welcome to Care a Lot series, her fur is blue.


Despite being the oldest member of the Care Bear Family, this virile veteran lives by her own motto that "you're only as old as you feel", and hasn't lost her step yet. After all, she pretty much has to be in top shape to look after the rambunctious Hugs and Tugs, and when the going really gets tough, her Belly Badge still works after all this time. But when its time to wind down, there's no one better to share a story, a warm treat, or a patient ear. To the bears of Care-a-Lot, she's everyone's grandma.


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