Announcing his Imperial Grace, the Grand Duke!
~ The Herald

The Grand Duke is a supporting character in Cinderella, a minor character in its first sequel and a major character in its second sequel.

His most striking quality is that he is extremely clumsy and usually calm, a direct foil to the King's romanticism and passionate temper. The Duke is also rather nervous - likely due to the King's temper being taken out on him so frequently - but not depicted as cowardly. He feels that love at first sight only exists in fairy-tales, and points out to the King that the glass slipper which Prince Charming finds could fit any number of girls. He is extremely loyal to the King, despite showing fear of his threats when things go wrong.

The Grand Duke is the fourth most powerful authority figure in the kingdom after the King, Prince Charming and Princess Cinderella, as he is the King's advisor, and he also has authority over the guards and palace servants, and it is his job to keep the peace and order within the kingdom and the castle. At the King's orders, he competently and perfectly arranges the ball to welcome Prince Charming home and find him a wife.

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  • His personality is similar to Leni Loud from the Loud House franchise, since he means well yet can be ditzy at times.
  • In the live-action remake, he is portrayed as a villain rather than a hero like in the original film and its sequels, secretly working with Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's stepmother.


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