Grand Spheres are the titular major protagonists based on the same name of the video game; Grand Sphere. They are the band of ragtag knights, which were consisted of young and teenage warriors whose goal is to protect the world of Astrum from the monsters called Dark Spheres as well as the other creatures in the story.


The Grand Spheres are the ragtag warriors, which consisted of both male and female kids and teenagers. They served as the playable units in the game, which the player have to control them throughout the story as well as helping him or her in the battle against the enemies such as; Dark Spheres, fell creatures and other monsters as well.

List of Known Grand Spheres

  • Milleue
  • Kay
  • Elaine
  • Stella
  • Media
  • Apaneris
  • Marmelo
  • Catheraine
  • Rosa
  • Islay
  • Loretta

Powers & Abilities

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