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Grandma Wu is a major character of Pixar's 25th full-length animated feature film Turning Red. She is Ming, Chen and Ping's mother, Helen's aunt, Jin's mother-in-law and Mei Lee, Vivian (possibly because if she were Lily’s sister) and Lily's grandmother.

She was voiced by Wai Ching Ho.


She is a very disciplinary but protective parent, forging her daughter Ming's strict attitude when she in turn becomes an adult. In the past, she took very extreme measures to educate her daughter and even refused to allow her to be with Jin whom she despised. This led to an argument between Wu and Ming who transformed into a giant panda in anger and hurt her mother, leaving a scar on her upper face. Years later, Wu was just as protective of Mei and wanted to prevent her from letting her red panda run wild like with Ming. However, Wu learned from her mistakes and accepted Mei's choices and the fact that she wanted to keep her panda.


Grandma Wu first appears when she calls Ming who is terrified to talk to her. She says that Ming is apparently having a hard time dealing with Mei over her panda's control and decides to visit her.

Later in the film, Grandma Wu arrives at the Lee Family Temple with her two other daughters Chen and Ping, niece Helen and granddaughter Lily and pampers Mei before the ritual. Prior to the ritual in question, Jin tells Mei that Wu disliked him, leading to a heated argument between her and Ming. Right after, Mei refuses to part with her panda and angers Ming who turns into a gigantic red panda before going after Mei to the Sky Dome. Panicked, Wu and the rest of the family go to the concert to stop Ming from destroying everything around her. As Mei distracts Ming, Jin draws a giant circle before singing along with Wu and her family .

When Mei accidentally knocks Ming out of the circle, Wu decides to break her bracelet and let her panda out to help her granddaughter save Ming. Then, thanks to their singing and that of 4*Tow, the circle activates and sends Mei, Ming, Wu, Chen, Ping, Helen and Lily into the celestial plane. There, everyone returns to the real world by separating from the panda except Mei who decides to keep it.

At the end of the film, we see Wu who has returned to Florida and now keeps her panda in a 4*Town necklace. Wu can be seen one last time in a photograph at the temple with her family, Mei's friends, and 4*Town.

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