Grandmother Fa is Mulan's grandmother and the oldest living member of the Fa Family.

She is voiced by the late June Foray.



Grandmother Fa is on a town waiting for Mulan, knowing she is tardy. Her mother Fa Li takes her for bathing. She gives her a cricket named Cri-Kee for luck. Later, she and the other women are preparing for an impatient woman (The Matchmaker). After her buttocks are set on fire, she gets angry and kicks Mulan out of her room. Mulan's grandmother feels sad about that. After that, Chi-Fu arrives and she knows that Mulan cannot survive the war, noticing her family's disappearance. She is later seen near the end of the movie and later trying to let her stay forever at Mulan's home.

Mulan 2

She is seen briefly in the first part, knowing Shang and Mulan are getting along by predicting. It is unknown what happened to her after Mulan and Shang get married. She possibly passed away or went along with Mulan and Shang in her family.


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Grandmother Fa

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