Listen to your heart; you will understand..."
~ Grandmother Willow's advice to Pocahontas

Grandmother Willow is a talking willow tree. She only appears in the Disney version of Pocahontas released in 1995. She is Pocahontas's grandmother. She is the doctor referenced by Pocahontas near the end of the film who gives medicine to heal wounded settlers.

She is voiced by Linda Hunt



Grandmother Willow is met by Pocahontas in the woods. Pocahontas asks her about she was confused about marrying Kocoum, who became John Smith's enemy. Pocahontas follows her grandmother's advise that the spinning arrow is her path. The next day, Pocahontas brings John Smith to Grandmother Willow. Smith was frightened at first, but she says that he has a good soul. The third day, she listens to Pocahontas's story about why her people thought Ratcliffe's settlers invaders. She says that Pocahontas and John Smith can be friends only if the two races stop their feud. The day later, she asks Pocahontas to stop the feud by jumping onto her father. After the feud stops, she brings the spirits of nature to guide Pocahontas.

Pocahontas 2

Grandmother Willow appears in the sequel, but is a minor character. She listens to Pocahontas about crossing the ocean and stopping the feud between her people and the settlers. She tells her to listen to to the spirit, but it didn't work for her animals. She is later seen at the end of the film where Pocahontas takes her advice to stay in her woods.


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