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Oh, hi there little fella. What's your name?
~ Grandpa Lemon

Grandpa Lemon is one of the protagonists in the Annoying Orange Youtube show, plus the TV show. Not much of his past is known, he also was revived in Frankenfruit after getting knifed in his first appearance as a part of Frankenfruit's left leg. Grapefruit, Midget Pumpkin and him were the only ones to survived the Halloweenie's attack.


Grandpa Lemon is one of the three main characters who have been knifed but revived later in the series (the other two being Grapefruit and Apple). He is a founding father of The United Fruits of Amerifruit. He used to go by the name of Bejamin Franklemon, and it is revealed in Founding Fruits that he is over 200 years old. He first appeared in the episode Grandpa Lemon, where he and Orange were having a very odd conversation. Orange was trying desperately to annoy Grandpa Lemon, however all of his attempts failed, due to Grandpa Lemon's bad hearing and his sleeping disorder (which is so severe that he even fell asleep while getting knifed).



  • Like most of the main characters he has his own YouTube channel.
  • He is the first character to not scream while getting cut in half by Knife.
  • He is the second character to be both knifed and juiced. The first was Other Orange.
  • Grandpa Lemon is one of the very few people capable of annoying Orange, by falling asleep and forgetting about Orange's jokes.
  • Grandpa Lemon won in his first challenge of Brain Freeze Challenge as he capable to eat his popsicle, ice cream and slurpee while his sleep as his old sleep eats.


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