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Granny Rose is a member of the "Singin' Strays" and a supporting protagonist in the Disney 2006 film, The Fox and the Hound 2.

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Granny Rose is an elderly, harmonious and loyal dog, who has a habit of burping.

She also seems to be the most distressed out of the band, when Cash kick Copper out from the group.


Granny Rose is a slightly obese dog with light brown fur, a red bonnet and purple cape.

She is also the smallest of the band.


Granny Rose is a member of Cash's group, the "Singin' Strays," and seems to be the most distressed out of the entire band at Copper's banishment from the group. This leads to the entire band's sadness, and eventually each of them end up parting ways, due to the chaos and tension.

Eventually, though, at the end of the movie, the band makes amends and forgives everything that has happened. Granny Rose, along with all the others, sings one last song.


  • Granny Rose was the first Disney character to be voiced by Vicki Lawrence.
  • Granny Rose is the eldest of the band.