Grapefruit is an antagonist-turned-one of the main protagonists and an anti-hero from Annoying Orange series on the internet and TV Series. He plays a role as Annoying Orange's rival. He and Orange dispute for the affection of Passion Fruit.

He is voiced by Robert Jennings.

Role on YouTube

Grapefruit is rude, arrogant and sometimes greedy, he swears at Orange and sometimes Orange's friends, he was described as a greedy, selfish with an attitude, but he is also good, kind, selfless, jovial, loving and sometimes helps Orange and his friend to defeat bad foods who has antagonistic roles than him. It is confirmed that he has his family who had played a minor role some of the episodes on YouTube for a couple of occasion.

In a spoof of Pokemon called Kitchen-mon, Grapefruit is transformed into a muscular fruit and his brown hair resembles Brock from Pokemon, he realizes that Orange wins so he declares Orange as the winner.

In Orange Potter and the Deadly Apples, he parodies an anti-hero Severus Snape, he was trying to confront Orange, but he was betrayed by his lord Moldywarts and was killed in the process.

In Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds, he was seen helping Orange taking down Bad Piggies with the help from his friends including Nerville.

In Annoying Orange TV Series, he serves as an ally to Orange and his friends.


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