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Clancy Johnson first appeared as a small-time anarchist, sticking up a train. He was stopped by Batgirl, partly due to being distracted by what he saw as a "beautiful" woman. While in jail, he formulated his secret identity of the Grey Ghost. Johnson was later released from jail on "reasons of mental instability." Shortly after this, he somehow acquired the means to teleport.

Grey Ghost

Johnson first appeared in his persona as the Grey Ghost when he intervened during a fight between Batgirl and members of the Order of the Scythe]], on the campus of Gotham University. He later attempted to assist her in taking down Slipstream, an agent of the Order of the Scythe, but was unsuccessful.


Detective Nicholas Gage and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) investigate the Reaper's lair where they encounter Clancy's body, his faithful shotgun at his side. He had apparently been killed in an attempt to subvert the Reapers. Before dying, however, he did manage to leave Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) details of their plans via a video message.

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