Grayson is the secondary tritagonist and of The Nut Job.

He along with Andie constantly follow Surly to make sure he doesn't get in more trouble. Though Grayson often ends up getting into more trouble than even Surly was.

Grayson is voiced by Brendan Fraser.


Most of the time, Grayson is courageous and quick-witted, though he can be a bit arrogant and unfocused.


Andie and Grayson set out to find some food for the residents of The Park. Partly because of Surly, the mission fails and the stash of food for winter is destroyed. Surly is exiled from The Park by Raccoon, the leader of The Park, and Buddy follows him. The duo discovers a nut shop. They enlist the help of some of The Park's residents, including Andie and Grayson. This crew gets more than enough food for winter, and through many adventures discover that Raccoon is actually stealing their food in order to continue his rule of the animals. Raccoon is deposed, and Surly returns to The Park. Grayson is very good friends with the squirrel from then on.

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