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The Great Beings are a group of intelligent and mysterious beings that appeared in the BIONICLE series. They are also the creator of Mata Nui, whom they sent him to the Matoran Universe following his creation into being.

Some fans may believed that they are considered as the Bigger Goods in the entire series since they are the reason behind Mata Nui's creation.


Not much about the Great Beings' past but it was once revealed that the Great Beings were once known for the sheer love of creating.

The individuals who would become Great Beings were originally members of various Spherus Magna tribes. Early on, the Glatorian would encounter Annona, who tried to feed on their dreams. However, their minds were too strange for her to feed on, and they instead took her energy, using it to feed their creativity.

The Great Beings would later become the de facto rulers of the planet. At some point, the Great Beings took five warriors and a Leader Skrall from each tribe and turned them into the Element Lords. Their purpose was to govern the six villages so they wouldn't have to.


The Great Beings could make themselves go unseen or even completely unnoticed by beings of the Matoran Universe.

They also had incredible power, more than any other known being.


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