DaiKenjin Zuuban

Great Sword Man Zubaan


Great Sword Man Zubaan (大剣人ズバーン Daikenjin Zubān) is actually the Precious called The Golden Sword (黄金の剣 Ōgon no Ken) that was enshrined in the ruins of Lemuria. He fights alongside and identifies with the Boukengers.



Zubaan was originally in Sacred Sword Mode (聖剣モード Seiken Mōdo). When the seal of the Golden Sword is turned, Zubaan can transform into a human-sized fighter. He also has the ability to grow to the size of DaiBouken at will. Its special attack in combination with Ultimate DaiBouken is called Giant Holy Sword Slash (大聖剣斬り Dai Seiken Giri). In his humanoid form, Zubaan's speech is limited to saying his name, or mixed-up parts of it (such as "Ban-ban!", "Zun! Zubabababababa!", etc.) much like a Pokémon. In Task 42, he became the size of DaiBouken's sword, GoGoKen, to help the Boukengers defeat the Questers' Homunculus. Voyager DaiBouken with Zubaan in hand used the Super Riding Adventure Drive to do so. Zubaan is also able to finish giant monsters by using a powerful double kick or a rapid barrage of quick attacks. After Satoru Akashi and Sakura Nishihori left for space, Natsuki Mamiya carries Zubaan with her on the Boukengers' adventures.


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