The Great Ten is a Chinese team of superheroes in the DC Comics universe.


Great Ten is a government supported team of superheroes. Any action taken by the team needs the prior approval of the bureaucracy of the Ministry that has authority of the team.

When China allied itself with a coalition of nations led by near-god like Black Adam, the Great Ten fought on his side against the Western superheroes. Later when he discovered that China was indirectly partly responsible for the death of his wife Isis, out of revenge he attacked China. With the assistance of the Justice League, the Great Ten were able to defeat Black Adam and force his retreat. Afterwards they clashed repeatedly with the American spy agency Checkmate (which has its own superhuman team and operatives) whom were operating within Chinese territory.


  • August General in Iron: He has superhuman strength and a skin with iron-like plates.
  • Celestial Archer: Uses a magical bow given to him by the Chinese gods.
  • Socialist Guardsman: Has a radioactive body which is contained in a special armor using alien (Durlan) technology, and possesses solar powers.
  • Ghost Fox Killer: Hunts evil men, her touch is instant death, and has control over ghosts who were men.
  • Immortal Man-in-Darkness: Pilot of a reverse-engineered alien (Durlan) ship that shapeshifts (Dragonwing), by bonding with the ship in a special liquid that slowly kills the pilot resulting there have been several pilots (all volunteers whom know their fate).
  • Mother of Champions: Immune to radiation and can give birth to 25 super-humans every 3 days (they age rapidly and only last a week).
  • Shaolin Robot: Sentient robot created by using alien (Durlan) technology on a mystical automaton from the tomb of China's first emperor, Shi Huangdi.
  • Thundermind: His mind is able to tap into the powers listed in the Buddhist Siddhis.
  • Seven Deadly Brothers: Able to manifest 7 copies of himself, each a master of Kung Fu.
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