In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!
~ Hal Jordan saying the famous Green Lantern Corps' oath.
Listen, we've all come through a lot in our different ways. Some of us had a comparatively easy time of it -- some of us didn't. But we got here seven of us now -- to protect this little planet -- and not only because it's right and just to protect life anywhere -- but because the future of the now-unified universe is evolving here now! We don't know if the Guardians are ever coming back, but we have their promise that beings like them, and the female Zamarons, will arise on Earth. That will probably be long after we're all gone... but like, perhaps, the Knights of our earlier days, I swear to give everything this ring and I have to keep alive in my time -- so that life in future days may achieve the grandeur we have been privileged to know in the Guardians of the Universe!
~ Hal Jordan.

Harold "Hal" Jordan, also known as Green Lantern, is a superhero from the DC comics and universe. He is the first human to join the Green Lantern Corps, as well as a founding member of the Justice League. He is the second to adopt the Green Lantern moniker. He was created in the Silver Age of Comic Books, and made his first appearance in Showcase #22 to replace Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern. He is the overall main protagonist of the Green Lantern franchise,and the most famous Green Lantern of all the time.

Hal is best friends with Barry Allen, the second iteration of The Flash, and The Green Arrow. He is also a friends with Kilowog, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner.



Hal was a California test pilot who was summoned to the site where Green Lantern Abin Sur had crashed. Abin bequeathed his ring and power battery to Jordan before dying. Training under both Kilowog and Sinestro, Jordan went on to become a famed hero on Earth and beyond, helped found the Justice League of America, and rose to the top of the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro, his traitorous former mentor, became his arch nemesis.

Despite common belief, Hal Jordan was not the first human being ever recruited into the Green Lantern Corps. Earth's original Green Lantern originated in China, and was recruited in 814 B.C. Coincidentally, in Post-Crisis continuity, Alan Scott wielded this unnamed Chinese man's ring.

Hal's halcyon days ended when the fear entity Parallax, trapped within the Central Power Battery, reached out its psychic tendrils to taint his mind. The destruction of his native Coast City at the hands of Mongul and Cyborg-Superman was enough to push him over the edge—Jordan rushed to Oa, killed every Lantern that got in his way, and entered the Central Power Battery to gain the power necessary to rebuild Coast City, but was instead possessed by Parallax. Killing all the Guardians save one, Jordan/Parallax went on a rampage across the universe. Jordan's own nobility shone through, however, when Earth's Sun was being devoured by a Sun-Eater, and he gave his life to save his homeworld.

After his death, Jordan's soul was offered a chance at redemption: he was bound to the near-omnipotent Spectre, the Spirit of Vengeance. Jordan tried to change the Spectre's mission from vengeance to redemption, but to no avail: Parallax still remained bound to his soul, and the Eldritch Abomination tried to steal the Spectre's power for itself. But Jordan's successor, Kyle Rayner—with the help of all his surviving friends from the Corps and the League—defeated the monstrosity and restored Jordan to life. Now Hal Jordan is a Green Lantern once more, protecting Space Sector 2814 while seeking atonement for his actions under Parallax's influence.

After Krona's attempt to take over the Corps using the enslaved emotional entities, Hal managed to kill him. However, the Guardians were deeply freaked out (though they won't admit it) by the fact that he overcame his ring's restrictions against killing Guardians, deeming him as a dangerous renegade and ejecting him from the Corps. However, Sinestro of all people recruited his help, making a replica power ring for him to use. After an uneasy alliance, and a brief case of deadness, Hal and Sinestro managed to stop the Guardians' scheme. Though Hal found himself briefly placed in charge of the Green Lantern Corps, currently he serves in the Honor Guard.


Early Life

Harold "Hal" Jordan was born in Coast City to Martin and Jessica Jordan, and is the middle-child between his brothers Jack and Jim Jordan. In his childhood, Hal idolized his father, a test pilot who worked for Ferris Aircraft. Hal later witnessed the death of his father, who died in a plane crash, a great fear that Hal had to face. Despite his family's wishes, Hal followed his father's footsteps and joined the United States Air Force on his eighteenth birthday. Hal became a test pilot for the Air Force, and became a member of the Ferris Aircraft.

Becoming Green Lantern

Years later, Green Lantern Abin Sur crash-landed his starship in the Californian desert, and before dying, he selected a replacement officer for his position. The power ring chose Hal for his ability to overcome great fear, and Hal become a Green Lantern after the ring's abilities were explained to him. As a green lantern, Hal was a galactic officer who was to protect all life in Sector 2814, and later learned that there were other Green Lanterns cross the universe.

Upon going to Oa, Hal learned that all lanterns across the universe were empowered by the Guardians, who were mystical creatures. Hal then received training from what the best of Green Lantern Corps could offer, notably drill sergeant Kilowog and Sinestro, who became his mentor.

During his training, Hal learned that Sinestro was subjugating his home planet, Korugar through fear by using his power ring. After reporting these acts to the Guardians and the other Green Lanterns, he battled Sinestro and defeated him. Afterward, he testified against Sinestro at his trail, and had him expelled from the Corps and banished to the Antimatter Universe as punishment. As a result of losing his power, Sinestro swore renege against Hal and the Corps, becoming their sworn enemy and nemesis.

Heroic Career

During his early career, Hal patrolled the galaxy and took on many missions, but also continued to spend at home working at Ferris Aircraft. In addition, he romantically pursued his boss Carol Ferris, and entrusted his secrets to Tom Kalmaku, a young Eskimo mechanic. Despite his interest with Carol, their relationship had many speed bumps due her position, and later becoming Star Sapphire by the Zamarons. Upon becoming Star Sapphire, Carol became a menace to the world, specifically men.

Hal later stopped the Appellaxians from invading the Earth, and became a founding member of the Justice League of America alongside Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Martin Manhunter. Hal became good friends with Oliver Queen, and the two went on adventures together, and he also got along with Oliver's girlfriend Dinah Lance. Halo also became best friends with Barry Allen, and retained a friendship with Barry and Oliver's sidekicks, Roy Harper and Wally West.

Emerald Twilight

Hal's home Coast City was destroyed by Cyborg Superman and Mongul, and the Green Lantern defeated Mongul in combat after seeing the destruction. With the city destroyed, Hal tried to use his ring to recreate Coast City, but a projection of the Guardians was sent to him, angered that he was using his powers for personal reasons. Enraged that the Guardians would ignore the personal loss he had suffered in the name of their Corps, Hal became insane with grief and decided to meat them head on and defeat the men who destroyed his life.

Hal went on to obtain vast powers so that he could recreate what he lost, and battled many of the Green Lanterns, and fought Boodikka, General Kreon, Graf Toren, Hannu, Jack T. Cahance, Ke'Haan, Laira and Tomar-Tu. Hal took their rings after defeating them, and went making it to Oa, he killed Kilowog and Sinestro. Hal entered the Central Power Battery and absorbed the energies in side, killing the Guardians and destroying the Green Lantern Corps. Afterward, Hal emerged as Parallax, who was the Guardians infamous yellow impurity and ancient monster that was imprisoned in the Power Battery.

Zero Hour

Hal fought many of his former allies as Parallax, including the newest Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner while attempting to restore Coast City. Hal conspired with Extant to restart the universe, but failed and was defeated by the heroes of Earth. Afterward, Hal realized that he became evil after speaking with Rayner, and healed the paralyzed John Stewart and resurrected Oliver Queen. Knowing that the Sun Eater was coming to destroy Earth, Hal sacrificed himself to destroy it and re-ignited Earth's sun.

The Spectre

With the help of the Sentinels of Magic, Hal became the new host for the Spectre, as he was without a host, and demons sought to use that as an advantage. Hal attempted to make the Spectre's mission be redemption over vengeance, but had little success despite removing the Star Sapphire persona from Carol. The Spectre explained that Parallax was part of Hal's soul, and Jordan succeeded in separating both the Spectre and Parallax from his soul. Ganthet then sent a beacon of light to guide Hal's soul back to his body, and he was reborn as a Green Lantern. He reunited with Kilowog, Kyle Rayner, John Stewart and Guy Gardner, and defeated Sinestro from destroying the Corps, re-imprisoned Parallax in the Power Battery, and the Green Lantern Corps was reborn.

Hal wanted to atone for his ctions and became the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 once again, and later rejoined the Justice League despite Batman mistrusting him. He went on to rescue missing Green Lanterns, such as Hank Henshaw, the Manhuters on Biot, and Arisia. During the Sinestro Corps War, Hal urged the people of Coast City to evacuate, as the city was targeted for destruction. However, the people put out green lights to support Hal and the Corps, and Hal and Rayner defeated Sinestro, ending the war.

Red Lantern

After the war, Hal was ordered to escort Sinestro Korugar where he would be executed, but they were ambushed by the Sinestro Corps and later the Red Lanterns. Hal and the other Sinestro Corps were left to die, as the Red Lanterns captured Sinestro, but they were rescued by the Blue Lantern Saint Walker. Hal accompanied Walker to Odym, and convinced Ganthet to help him rescue Sinestro from the Red Lanterns. Hal teamed Up with Walker and Warth to rescue Sinestro from Atrocitus, but he was captured by the Red Lanterns, ang hung from a ross right next to Sinestro.

Hal and Sinestro were freed by the Blue Lanterns and Sinestro Corps members, and Hal failed to save Laira, as she was killed by Sinestro. Hal became enraged, losing self-control and attempted to murder Sinestro, which attracted a red power ring, and Hal became a Red Lantern. Hal proceeded to attack Sinestro Corps and Blue Lantern members, and was able to create constructs while wielding a red power ring. Walker freed Hal from the red power ring, returning him back to normal, and the group proceeded to fight Atrocitus. Afterward, Hal was seen wearing a Blue/Green Lantern hybrid uniform, with everyone not knowing why.

Orange Lantern

Hal returned Odym to try to remove the blue power ring, and spoke with Gangthet and Sayd, telling them he would not abandon the Green Lanterns Corps to join the Blue Lantern Corps. Ganthet told him that he never intended for Hal to be a Blue Lantern, but to become the leader of the Blue Lantern Corps, as a Green Lantern, he believed Hal's willpower would be strong enough to power the Blue Lanterns. Hal was then called back to Oa by the Guardians so that they could remove the blue ring themselves, as Hal wasn't thrilled of being thought as a battery.

The Guardians were unable to remove the blue ring, and the corps become part of the war against Larfleeze as a Scar requested a new law be made, making the Vega System no longer off limits. Hal battled Larfleeze, but the villain wants Hal's blue ring, and Hal agrees to give it him if he tells him how he met the Guardians. Hal used the blue ring's recharging ability to create an army of Green Lantern constructs to battle the Orange Lanterns, and Hal attempted the battery of Larfleeze.

While holding the battery, Hal feel under its influence, but Larfleeze took the battery back. The blue ring registered with Hal that they will defeat Larfleeze, and unleashed a blue light that destroyed Larfleeze's construct, and the ring left his finger and initiated a sector scan for Sector 2828. The Guardians then made a new pat with Larfleeze, but didn't tell the Green Lanterns.

Powers and Abilities


  • Green Lantern Ring: Hal Jordan wields a Green Lantern ring, which grants him multiple powers when fighting against his enemies. To fully use the power ring, Jordan must charge the ring with a battery, and have a great willpower to use constructs.
    • Flight: The power rings of the Green Lanterns allow the wearers to fly by manipulating anti-gravitons, and Jordan can fly at incredible speeds.
    • Force Field: Jordan's power ring can create various force fields to protect himself against his enemies, or microscopic matter while in outer space.
    • Energy Projection: Like other Green Lantern power rings, Jordan's ring can fire blasts of energy or create weapons at will. Jordan's willpower was so great, he was capable of staggering Superman when energy projecting.
    • Energy Construct Creation: Hal Jordan can form constructs of energy from Oa, being capable of creating physical weapons from his thoughts and the strength of his willpower.
      • Superhuman Strength: Jordan is granted super strength by his energy constructs, allowing him to lift or move great amounts of mass or weight with little effort.


  • Master Pilot: Jordan is a capable pilot, being part of the United States Air Force and the Ferris Aircraft.
  • Master Combatant: Jordan is a expert fighter, and becomes more so after battling multiple foes during his time as a Green Lantern and Justice League member.



  • In the titular 2011 film and Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters, he was portrayed by Ryan Reynolds, who also plays Deadpool.
  • In the 2011 short film The Death and Return of Superman, he was portrayed by Zach Cregger.
  • In Justice League: The New Frontier, he was voiced by David Boreanaz.
  • In Green Lantern: First Flight, he was voiced by Christopher Meloni.
  • In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, he was voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced Nathan Drake, Edward Richtofen, Desmond Miles, and many others.
  • In Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, he was voiced by Nathan Fillion, who also played Richard Castle.
    • Fillion reprised his voice for the character in Justice League: Doom, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, The Death of Superman and Reign of Superman.
  • In Justice League: War, he was voiced by Justin Kirk.
  • In Lego Batman: The Movie, he was voiced by Cam Clarke.
    • Clarke reprised his voice for the character in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.
  • In DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom and Justice League: Cosmic Clash, he was voiced by Josh Keaton.
    • Keaton reprised his voice for the character in Green Lantern: The Animated Series, DC Super Hero Girls, Justice League Action, Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, and DC Lego Super-Villains.
  • In The Lego Movie, he was voiced by Jonah Hill.
    • Hill reprised his voice for the character in The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.
  • In Superman: Red Son, he as voiced by Sasha Roiz.


  • In The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure, he was voiced by the late Gerald Mohr.
  • In the live-action Legends of the Superheroes, he was portrayed by Howard Murphy.
  • In the various Super Friends incarnations, he was voiced by the late Michael Rye.
  • In Justice League Unlimited, he was voiced by Adam Baldwin.
    • Baldwin reprised his voice for the character in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infinite Crisis.
  • In Duck Dodgers, he was voiced by Kevin Smith.
  • In Batman: The Brave and the Bold, he was voiced by Loren Lester.
    • Lester reprised his voice for character in Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame.
  • In Young Justice, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • In Young Justice: Outsiders, he was voiced by Steve Blum.
    • Blum reprised his voice for the character in Injustice 2.
  • In the DC Super Hero Girls tv series, he was voiced by Jason Spisak.

Video Games

  • In Justice League Heroes, he was voiced by John Rubinow.
  • In Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, he was voiced by Josh Phillips.
  • In LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, he was voiced by Joseph May.
  • In DC Universe Online, he was voiced by Gray Haddock.


There are worse things than dying, friend. With this little ring I can take you apart molecule by molecule and then put you back together again. And maybe I put you back together right and maybe I don't. But you'll be alive and conscious for every second of it.
~ Hal Jordan.
I've got a lot to say, and I'm not much good at speeches, so please don't interrupt me. When I saw, a little while ago, the strength of Green Arrow's love for Dinah, I realized that I've been denying myself that sort of strength... because I was proud, because I insisted on my own terms... because I demanded you accept me, not as the dashing Green Lantern, but as plain... Hal Jordan!
~ Hal Jordan.
This is what I've been waiting -- praying for. A chance to make it up to you -- all of you. I can't bring you back -- but I can answer for my sins.
~ Hal Jordan.
You're the worst kind of villain, Deimos. One obsessed with power for power's sake. You wield it for your own selfish needs. But power like that can not only save lives. It can revive them. My universe. My world. My Coast City. You bore me.
~ Hal Jordan to Deimos.
You can't foresee all the consequences of your actions -- But that's no excuse to do nothing.
~ Hal Jordan to Boston Brand.
I've served you well, Guardians. On your behalf, I've battled the vilest scum this universe has to offer... and I think I've earned my rest. There are thousands of inhabited worlds in my space sector, countless worthy beings... give this ring to one of them! I really don't care who you give it to -- just so long as it isn't mine anymore.
~ Hal Jordan.
The farther I get from the cockpit, the more I realize there’s only ever two choices: Go down in flames – or do something crazy.
~ Prime Earth Hal Jordan.
I've never been afraid of the dark. Though after spending weeks in it, I'm ready to turn on the lights and scare the nightmares away. That's what Green Lanterns do.
~ Prime Earth Hal Jordan.
To protect everything in this sector.
~ Hal Jordan in Injustice 2.




  • He was created by the late John Broome and the late Gil Kane.
  • Hal Jordan's original design in the comics was based on Paul Newman.
  • He was ranked number seven on IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes in 2011, and was placed 4th on IGN's Top 25 Heroes of DC Comics in 2013.


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