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Bruce says I should trust you. Prove it Selina.
~ John Stewart fighting Catwoman in Injustice 2

John Stewart is a member of the Green Lantern Corps in the DC Universe, and is Earth's fourth Green Lantern.

He was created by Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams.

He is a marine soldier who was chosen by the corps to become a Green Lantern. As a kid, Stewart was a fan of comic books. His favorite superhero team was the Justice Guild. After an alien invasion, he and the world's greatest superheroes joined together to fight the aliens and became the Justice League. In one of his adventures, he learned the Justice Guild was from an alternate Earth.


On New Earth, John Stewart was an architect who joined the United States Marine Corps, and would later marry Katma Tui-Stewart. He was chosen by the Guardians of the Universe to be Hal Jordan's new partner, as Guy Gardner had been seriously injured. Though Jordan opposed to Stewart, as he had a belligerent attitude, the Guardians stood by their choice.

On Prime Earth, John Stewart is the son of community organizer Shirley Stewart and was born in Detroit, Michigan. His life was marked by poverty and clashes with the Detroit police, while his mother tried to make things better, inspiring her son. After finishing high school, John left home and joined the Marines despite his mother pleas not to. John objected to his mother belief that he would be contributing to the American military industrial complex, as he felt it was only way to pay for his college.

John excelled in combat training, proving himself to be an excellent marksman and soldier. He did one tour of duty in the Middle East, and rose to the rank of Sergeant before being deployed in Gotham City. The city was suffering from a storm, and he and his team were deployed to help evacuate civilians taking refuge in the Seaside Coliseum. The structural supports weren't built to withstand the strong winds, and John and his team found themselves in a confrontation with Anakry, who caused civil unrest amongst the people. John was force to break rank due to his commanding officer, Lieutenant Tasker, willing to kill citizens by swaying the crowd. He took control from Anarky, and managed to save the day despite being confronted for his insubordination.

John became disillusioned with the marines, and caused him to fight his superior officer. For fighting his commanding officer, he was court-martialed, but due to his heroic acts, he was given an honorable discharge. Wanting to build a better world, John moved to San Diego, California to study architecture, and earned his degree before being hired to oversee a project for Ferris Air. The Guardians of the Universe had been keeping an eye of John, believing him to be an invaluable member of their corps, and sent a manhunter to test his worth.

John fought against the manhunter without hesitation, and his bravery earned him a Green Lantern ring. John quickly mastered the power of the Green Lantern ring, and defeated the manhunter. He was brought to Oa, where he met the Guardians, who lauded him for his desire to peace, and determination to fight for it. However, the Guardians feared that if John knew if they sent the manhunter, he would challenged them.

After Hal's expulsion and Kyle's departure, Stewart was partnered with Guy Gardner to investigate attacks in a sector of space. He was force to kill a Lantern when they were captured, as that Lantern was going to give into torture, and reveal Oan's security network. John was approached by an Alpha Lantern to arrest him for murdering a Green Lantern, and was found guilty before execution. He was saved by Gardner and other Lanterns, as the Alpha's were destroyed as a result. During the fight, the Alpha Lanterns realized that they were corrupt, and killed themselves in the process.


The Guardians chose you because they had fate in you! Not in the ring, but in John Stewart!
~ Martian Manhunter in the Justice League animated series



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