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Greenman (グリーンマン?Gurīnman) is a mecha-warrior created by Toho that first appeared in the 1973 Toho and Nippon TV tokusatsu series, Go! Greenman. Unlike Godman, who was conceived to resemble Ultraman, Greenman more closely resembles a Japanese Samurai. He has a bright, multicolored helmet with a cyan 'mask' which covers his eyes, and has an emerald or jade gemstone centered on it. At the top of his helmet is a crest from which reddish colored fur rests on. He wears a burgundy chestplate with orange patterning, which sits on top of his green suit, and has a red lamp in its center. This chestplate can open up to reveal an array of cannons, which Greenman uses in his 'Greenman Breaster' move. Greenman also possesses a belt similar to his chest plate, and upper-leg armor extends from it. He has silver gloves and boots, and a white scarf around his neck. In episode 1, Greenman vs. Garameddon, Greenman's strength is explained when Garameddon shoots Greenman with electricity. He is mechanical in nature, and has a complex network of machines inside his chest.

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