Gregor is a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening.


A likable merc whose feet have touched the soil of many a land. Tears of experience have hardened him mostly- but he still winces when people harp on about his age. The first to get a crick in his back.

Born on January 27th.


Gregor is a mercenary who wanders between nations. It is revealed in his support with Lon'qu that he once competed with Basilio to become the West-Khan of Ferox, but lost against him. Gregor's support with Tharja reveals that "Gregor" was not his birth name, but it was the name of his brother, who was kidnapped and killed by bandits. He blamed himself for his death and took on his brother's name as a tribute to his memory. Tharja then summons Gregor's brother's spirit, who reassures Gregor that his death was not his fault. In his support conversations with Cherche, Gregor explains that, on a past job in Wyvern Valley, he betrayed his companions to save a younger Minerva—Cherche's wyvern—after said companions killed Minerva's mother.

Ylisse-Plegia WarEdit

In Plegia, after killing his last employers and trying to save a manakete named Nowi, Gregor is forced to pursue her, as she thinks he's trying to kill her. While Gregor tries to help Nowi, they encounter the Grimleal, who plan to sacrifice Nowi to Grima. As luck would have it, Chrom and his army have arrived in Border Sands, on the way to Plegia Castle to rescue Emmeryn. Though Chrom mistakes Gregor for a common thug, Gregor proves his worth to him and Nowi, helping them fend off the Grimleal and protecting Nowi. After the battle, Gregor finally gets Nowi to calm down. Having nowhere to go and nothing better to do, Gregor proposes that Chrom hire him, to which the prince agrees.

After the war, with the payment he received for his services, Gregor lived a life of excess. However, when he needed money, some say that he worked as a bodyguard to make ends meet. If he is married, he goes back to work due to his spouse's actions.

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