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Greta is a titular protagonist in children's picture book Greta and the Giants.

She is a little girl who lives in the forest. The forest and its inhabitants become endangered by the greedy Giants who are chopping down trees to build towns. To stop the Giants, Greta starts a protest.

Greta is inspired by real life environmental activist Greta Thunberg.


Greta is a girl who lives in the centre of a beautiful forest. The forest was home to many animals and Greta was nice to all of them.

The Giants become danger to the forest. First they chop down trees to build homes, then they chop down more trees to build bigger homes. Eventually, they create cities where they build factories, shops, cars and planes. There is almost no forest left. The Giants are greedy and they always work without stopping. They forgot that the forest was beautiful and they don't see little birds, bugs, butterflies and other animals frightened in the shadows.

Nobody told the Giants to stop because they were afraid of them. So the animals of the forest come to Greta and a silvery-brown wolf tells her what Giants are doing to their home. He asks Greta to help the animals.

Greta is the only person who isn't afraid to stand up to the Giants. She decides to make a sign which says "STOP "and goes in the middle of the forest. There, she waits for the Giants to come and see her sign. However, on the first day the Giants didn't see her and just continued with their work. Greta stands on the same spot holding the sign the second day and the third day. The Giants still don't notice her.

On the fourth day, Greta is joined by a boy who made his own sign "LISTEN".

Other people and the animals make their signs and start standing with them. The crowd is so large that the Giants stop their work and come close to see it. Greta tells Giants "Please STOP". She tells them that they cut down trees and trampled the flowers causing birds and bees to fly away and other animals to become homeless. The Giants don't respond to Greta. Then other members of the crowd yell, telling the Giants of the damages they've done. The Giants become embarrassed realizing that they've been so busy building that they didn't see what they were doing to the forest. They apologize and promise they will be better. With the help from the residents of the forest, they learn to stop being greedy, to stop working all the time, stop chopping down trees and start gardening and to share everything with other. The forest grows back and becomes more beautiful than anyone could have ever imagined.