Griff in M.I.A.

Griff is a member of the London Clan from the animated series Gargoyles.

Episode Appearances


He helped fight in World War II, because Griff believed it was his duty to protect London from the Nazis. He apparently disappears sometime during the battle, only to learn later that Goliath helps him travel forward in time so nothing would happen to him during the war. In 1996, the remaining members of "Into the Mystic" were very angry and thought Goliath and Griff died during World War II. Later on, Goliath was able to rescue him by using the Phoenix Gate to travel to 1940. By avoiding many nazis, Goliath was able to bring him back to 1996, reuniting him with Leo and Una.


Griff assists King Arthur battle against his rival, Macbeth, in retrieving Excalibur. Afterwards, Griff is knighted and goes with him to search for Merlin.

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