Griffin is the Headmistress of Cloud Tower, a member of the Company of Light, and a considerably powerful witch. Although she started off as somewhat of an antagonist, indirectly encouraging the Trix in their power-struggle against the Winx, Griffin was eventually revealed to be a woman of sound moral principles, and aided the Winx numerous times in their fight against the forces of evil. She somehow likes to be with Miss Faragonda.


Despite her stern, no-nonsense and seemingly indifferent demeanor, Griffin is genuinely a caring Headmistress who would defend her students willingly if threatened. She also has a humorous streak to her personality, when she joyfully stated that she would have defeated Faragonda and Saladin had Valtor's illusion spell continued.

In Season 3, it is revealed that as a young witch, she had once teamed up with Valtor to work for the Ancestral Witches. At some point her conscience caught up with her and tried to flee. She was saved by Faragonda, with who she apparently was already friends with even when she served the Ancestresses, and went on to help defend the planet Domino alongside Headmistress Faragonda and Headmaster Saladin of Red Fountain as part of the Company of Light. Griffin is one of the three points of magic, the others being Faragonda and Saladin. Griffin is powerful but Valtor did defeat her at times.


  • The Griffin is a legendary creature from Greek mythology depicted as having the body of a lion and the head, wings and front legs of an eagle. The griffin of Greek mythology was itself inspired by similar creatures from many other ancient mythologies, where they were thought to protect from evil, witchcraft and evil slander. In medieval folklore, its claws were said to have medicinal powers, and that its feathers the ability to give their sight back to the blind.
  • The young Griffin looks slightly similar to Darcy.
  • Griffin was revealed that she once helped Valtor at the Winx Club's first Movie.
  • She is less antagonistic in the Nick dub.
  • In the 4Kids version, it was stated that Griffin and Faragonda had both dated Saladin.
  • In the 4Kids dub she elaborates on the reason for her defection from the ancestral witches (she wasn't willing to commit mass murder).
  • In the specials, she did not expel the Trix like she did originally.


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