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If we die we die together.
~ Grim Shield

Grim Shield also known as Grim Shield-Brother is a Nord warrior and hunter of Aela's Companions in the mobile card game The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


Grim Shield is a shield brother of Aela's Companions and like many of his shield siblings he is a werewolf. He and his follow Companions add the Forgotten Hero quests Grim Shield and his allies also take action during the Hero of Skyrim story.

He is brave honorable like all Companions and just like Aela's Companions Grim Shield doesn't mind being a werewolf. Grim Shield along with his other shield siblings in Aela's Companions wants to become a better hunter and warrior he prefers dominating his enemies. He is just like the rest of his shield siblings relying on strength, endurance and offense.  He controls his shear brute force, endurance, strength and lycanthropy. With out the control Gim Shield and shield siblings would be more beast than human.

Like his other sheild siblings Grim Shield prefers to deal heavy damage. But he mostly reiles on endurance more than anything else. He knows the skill drain which a destruction magicka spell. Grim Shield and his fellow Companions work on boosting their strength and skills to become deadly hunters.

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