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Grimlock is a supporting character from the cartoon series Transformers Animated. Grimlock is the leader of the Dinobots. He and the other Dinobots are simpleminded and aggressive creatures who started out as animatronic dinosaurs for a theme park, which Megatron upgraded with weapons in the hopes of using one of them as a new body. This plan went off the rails when they were brought to life in an accident involving the Key.


Grimlock is a Tyrannosaurus rex in charge of a small, three-mech group of dinosaur transformers known as the Dinobots. Born from a fusion of Earth and Cybertronian technology, with some AllSpark intervention thrown in, he's a force to be reckoned with. A little short on brains (at first he didn't actually realise he was a Transformer) and a lot short on temper, Grimlock's answer to a problem is usually the simplest: squash it, slash it, bite it, burn it, or eat it.

Physically, Grimlock is one of the most powerful Transformers, with enough brute strength to give even the likes of Megatron pause for thought. In his beast mode, his powerful jaws and flame breath give him excellent short- and long-range combat abilities, while his flaming sword is an effective weapon in robot mode. Factor in his temper, and facing Grimlock can be a terrifying experience.

Currently, Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots are living on an island in Lake Erie, hidden there by Prowl and Bulkhead from the rest of the world. But don't think he's not willing to come to the mainland, find the biggest 'Con around and feed 'em their own chassis after he's eaten his fill of it. After all, him Grimlock badass.


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